Best Lighting Tips for Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to kitchen lighting, homeowners are looking for the best lighting tips for modern kitchen designs.

When our clients come in and discuss the various artificial and lighting options available to them, we present them with the following key lighting types in mind:

Task Lighting –

Where there is a given space for a certain task, such as a study area, computer work assignments and such, not forgetting the food preparation zones, a brighter light is required. Task lighting sheds brightness on a smaller area in the room. Recessed or downlights, pendant lighting and portable lamps are often used for task lighting in any modern family kitchen.

Accent Lighting –

Homeowners would often want to give focus to a specific part of the kitchen. Accent lighting is used to achieve that desired effect. Many prefer this type of lighting to make the room look bigger or to highlight a feature of the space such as the shelves, a large décor like a sculpture, etc.

Ambient Lighting –

Not to be confused with accent lighting, ambient lighting provides general lighting. It offers a comfortable level of brightness. Its main purpose is to light up the room so that residents and guests in your modern kitchen are able to move around safely. Ambient lighting includes chandeliers, ceiling-mounted lights, floor lamps and many more.

There are other types of lighting that homeowners may want to consider.

  • Decorative LightingYou can accessorise your house with decorative lighting to bring out its best features. It can also serve the same purpose as task lighting, ambient lighting or accent lighting.
  • Natural LightHomeowners are going for energy-efficient and cost-efficient ways to improve their living space. There is no need to use light decorations and fixtures when using natural light. Depending on your budget, you can accommodate natural light into your kitchen by using light coloured paint on walls, wider windows and glass splashbacks.

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