Pastel tones are now being featured in various homes and kitchen renovations. It started during the Milan Design week and is now a strong presence in kitchen interiors. 

Pastel is described as a soft, pale color. It was used in the 1800s and it means “crayon.” The French refer to pastel as a soft shade or soft art medium. If your favourite shades are light blue or pale pink then you can say that you prefer pastels.

Pastels have a very calming effect and the shade is very easy on the eye. A perfect colour scheme for a social area such as the kitchen. This is definitely an adventure in kitchen design and style that adds a cheerful atmosphere. 

The idea behind this movement is to feature the tone’s soft and feminine features. This is a development that Laminex is leading with various colours like Just Rose (in cabinetry below) that is beautifully paired with a Crema Venato benchtop.

The inside of the kitchen cabinetry shown in Just Lilac is a subtle surprise that works wonderfully with Just Rose.

Have your soft, powdery and light colours in every design, shape and texture in your own kitchen and even pair it with stronger colours. White isn’t totally out, that’s for sure.

Be creative in your pastel adventure by pairing with bolder colours or off-white accents. Visualise pastel plush, spring colour to cool warm, blue water crystal clear palettes. Such colours are evocative of Miami Beach – as the name suggests. 

Remember, pastels do not have to mean a punch of soft pink and purple — if these colors are not for you, don’t discount pastels altogether. A pale mustard or chalky blue can be beautifully chic when paired with charcoal, black and white.

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