We get so excited when returning clients come to us. We had a client come to us a couple of years ago to renovate the kitchen in this Toowong unit block. Now, the very same client returned to us to fully renovate their very dated bathroom and separate water closet (WC).

As this client wasn’t new to us, they trusted only Craftbuilt for their bathroom renovation needs. 

View the dated befores on the left and the gorgeous post renovation shots on the right.

We were requested to move the bath to the old shower position and to do away with a separate shower
as the room is a little on the small size! 

We sourced an extra wide bath and fitted a tap along with a shower head so the bath can easily be used for bathing or showering. Amazing how a two in one can actually be better than being separated.

The bath and shower area is completed with a custom made shower screen for the spills and splashes.

The vanity comprises of laminate doors and benchtop with an integrated laundry basket, semi-inset basin and a custom made mirror above to utilise as much of the light as possible. See how the room now brightens up with the brilliant walls when the natural light comes in.

The difference between the two baths speaks for itself. Simple smooth clean lines as requested by our client.

Upon inspection, the toilet plumbing was very untidy and so to solve this concern, we installed cabinetry to house the cistern which also hid all the pipes entering the plumbing riser. All that’s left to do is for the client to complete the painting in the WC when the rest of the unit is ready!

See the difference!

Another Craftbuilt Dream Bathroom Renovation achieved! Are you in Brisbane and you’re looking to accomplish your own dream bathroom or kitchen project? Get started with our designers! Call us today at (07) 3847 4962 to set up a one on one appointment at 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner.