The Best Christmas Gift That Makes A Difference

At Christmas time we all like to show people how much we care by buying them a gift they will love. When a husband buys his wife a gift, he not only wants it to show his love and adoration for her but knows a gift a woman will love is a useful gift. Buying underwear is very useful, but it’s been done a million times. A massage or facial is always nice and makes a woman feel brand new, but there might be something else she wants brand new this year that will keep on giving every day.

Christmas Lunch Prepared with Ease

By knowing how much work is done in Brisbane kitchens by all members of the household, you would know how much time is spent here. And when Christmas day rolls around, it’ll get busier. For those who are preparing a traditional meal for Christmas lunch you can spend a whole morning organising, preparing and cooking. Even if you opt for cold meats and salads, there are still some work to be done. It would be safe to say that if a member of the household had a nice new, spacious and workable kitchen to prepare food in, the task would be so much more enjoyable and easier. With everything in perfect, working condition, and the work spaces set out just right to make cooking a breeze, wouldn’t this be the best Christmas gift you have ever presented?

Planning For Your Christmas Present To Be Built

If you choose a kitchen design team who is committed to helping you achieve the kitchen of your partner’s dreams for Christmas, their delight at your gift is ensured. When you are ready, you will be shown around the showroom so you can discuss with our expert consultants what you had in mind. This would be a good time to spring your gift idea and take your significant other with you to choose options as well. An experienced consultant will take note of your preferences and then an appointment will be made where a kitchen designer will come to your home to inspect the area. Once your kitchen design is created and finalised, you can make the decision to go ahead with renovating your kitchen. From here you will go through the kitchen installation phase and you will be appointed a team of meticulous installers and tradies who will work to complete your kitchen within a day, except where stone bench tops are required.

Your happy Christmas starts where the kitchen renovations end. You will now have a kitchen to be proud of and enjoy every day of the year.

Don’t forget to ask about our Platinum Rewards – Massive savings to be had off your kitchen appliances with Kleenmaid in partnership with Craftbuilt Kitchens! Visit our Stones Corner Design Studio and sit down with our Craftbuilt experts.

Have a Happy Christmas, Brisbane!

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Yatala Kitchen Renovation

Yatala Kitchen Renovation 2

Gone with the old and in with the new. The client was ready to update this older kitchen and create a fresh new look that would suit the home. Situated in a large area and needing a lift, Craftbuilt Kitchens designers opened it up by removing the breakfast bar and added fresh clean white profiled doors for character and texture.

This was the old kitchen before our professional Craftbuilt designers turned it into a gorgeous white kitchen.

Brisbane Kitchen Redo

You can see the difference. The client moved from ochre cabinets to a fresher white theme.

Kleenmaid Black Krystal Oveb 60CM OMF6021

Kleenmaid Black Krystal Oveb 60CM OMF6021

The client has chosen to upgrade her kitchen appliances with a Kleenmaid induction cooktop, undermount rangehood, oven and a dishwasher.

Kleenmaid Semi Integrated Dishwasher KCDW6012

Kleenmaid Semi Integrated Dishwasher KCDW6012

The addition of a large appliance cabinet with a feature aluminium door was installed to hide all the everyday appliances.

kleenmaid rangehood 90cm undermount RHUM90

Kleenmaid Rangehood 90cm Undermount RHUM90

Following a much more efficient work triangle, the cooktop was moved to be nearer to the sink.

Kleenmaid Induction Cooktop 80CM

Kleenmaid Induction Cooktop 80CM

The old position meant crossing the walkway from the cooktop to the sink which has safety concerns. The new position created a much better flow between cooking and preparation.

Yatala Kitchen Renovation 1

Maximising cabinet space, the pantry cabinetry was custom-built into the existing pantry, pull-out internal drawers inside to utilise the space efficiently. Taking into consideration the client’s personal needs, the oven and microwave were lowered to cater to the client’s need for the kitchen appliances to be at arm’s length and reach – a major benefit when designing custom built kitchens.

When it comes to lighting, LED downlights were installed under the overheads. Its placement picks up the sparkle in the beautiful grey glass splashbacks.

Yatala Kitchen Renovation 2

Because of the considerable space that was maximised, the clients are planning to add more cabinetry to the side so one area flows into the other.

Another Craftbuilt Dream Kitchen achieved! If you’re looking to accomplish your own dream kitchen project, our designers at 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner are happy to help you. You can also call us at (07) 3341 9172 to set an appointment.

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Gorgeous Boronia Heights Kitchen Renovation

Homeowners are now looking for ways to maximise their living space. Many are now opening their kitchen up to nearby rooms and to the outdoors, taking advantage of the space in surrounding areas. And when these clients came to us for their first design appointment, they indicated that they were wanting to open up their kitchen area & were even happy to remove the entry wall into the kitchen. The client wanted to make sure that her family can enjoy a spacious kitchen.

Removing one wall can bring out the best in the whole kitchen feel and design. The removal of this wall opened up the space, incredibly, and that saw us develop a number of designs that would all work. What wonders one less wall can bring in design opportunities. It also provided a massive improvement over the original 1980’s kitchen. Not that this was difficult, as the original kitchen was so cramped and fragmented in design. Sticking to its 80’s theme, it featured blue laminate benchtops and the client wasn’t sure how she managed to raise her family with such little benchspace and storage!

Boronia Heights Queensland

It was time for a change. We worked with the client on various kitchen designs and, in the end, the design featuring an open plan design with an island bench was selected. The design enabled two entry points, which was great as her boys becoming young adults, were becoming more and more involved in the everyday cooking.

Boronia Heights Kitchen Renovation

The open plan design enabled us to incorporate a wall opposite the kitchen. In the same space, we fit a large double door pantry (with internal pull outs), a large double door fridge provision, and an additional appliance nook with open shelving for cookbooks. Perfect for a built-in microwave convection oven or storage of other kitchen appliances.

Boronia Heights Kitchen Renovation

The client was so pleased with all this extra storage and bench space. With a large open plan kitchen, this meant that we could also now satisfy her final request. She was excited to fit a 90cm freestanding stainless steel stove.

Boronia Heights Kitchen Renovation

When it came to the style, the client chose a shaker style door in a fresh classic white tone. It was then finished with timber laminate benchtops which complemented the freshly polished timber floors.

Transformation complete and we have another satisfied Craftbuilt Kitchens customer!

Call Craftbuilt Kitchens at (07) 3341 9166, or visit us at our new Kitchen Design studio at 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner and set a 3D appointment with our kitchen designers so you can see for yourself what your dream kitchen looks like virtually. You will be amazed at how simple it is, and will be sure of how the end result will look in your home.


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Shailer Park White Kitchen Renovation

This client met with Justine from Craftbuilt Kitchens on the recommendation of a friend. She came forward with concerns about a poorly designed pantry area and no overheads. Our client was struggling to find enough storage within an already small kitchen space to house the basics. Being in a unit complex, the upstairs bathroom plumbing ran through a dropped ceiling section across the center of the kitchen which limited design options.

Here’s a quick look at her old kitchen before Craftbuilt Kitchens set to work:

Shailer Park Brisbane

Our client wanted to improve on storage accessibility as much as possible.  

Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

By straightening the awkward corner pantry, we were able to fit internal pull out shelves to maximize storage within this one cabinet.  We also followed the line of the dropped ceiling with the overhead cabinets, ensuring no wasted space. The decision to remove the return and extend the bench all the way to the back door created a more spacious feel by providing a wider walk through area.

It also removed another awkward corner cabinet where items got lost and opened up room for two banks of beautiful accessible drawers. PolyTec Classic White was selected for the bench and tall cabinets whilst using a softer contrast for the under bench cabinets in PolyTec Stone Grey.Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

To add to the character of the kitchen the client chose the perfect complimentary hexagonal tile which has finished of the kitchen beautifully.

This kitchen has been transformed from a pokey awkward space to a more spacious modern style kitchen that now comfortably allows three people to work in. Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation
Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

There is also more storage with the addition of a bank of drawers and extra overheads.

Our client was extremely happy with the finished product and upon reviewing her experience,  (in her own words):

“I found Justine & her team to be very friendly, informative & helpful. The team of installers were as unintrusive.”

Our client was so impressed with her experience with Craftbuilt that she has already recommended us to her neighbours who now have their very own Craftbuilt Kitchen as well.

Shailer Park Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

Another Craftbuilt Dream Kitchen achieved! If you’re looking to accomplish your own dream kitchen project, our designers at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 are happy to help you. You can also call us at (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment.

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Center Island Kitchen Renovation In Tweed Heads South

Most apartments are equipped with a stock standard square look. A unit on the 21st floor was no different. When our Craftbuilt Kitchens designer, Justine, came in, she found that the existing kitchen was built within 4 walls with only one small entryway. It was going to be an extensive project. Further assessment of the space included plumbing and air conditioner ducts that were positioned in several locations which restricted the simplicity of the design.

kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

The clients wanted their Brisbane apartment kitchen to achieve a stylish modern look with ample storage, modern functionality and a streamline finish. It was going to become a highly functional kitchen with maximum storage. At the same time, it was going to be a stunning focal point for a new open plan living area. This kind of lay-out provides the look and feel of a wider living space. Craftbuilt’s clients were also looking for a unique feature to make it their own with a touch of class.

kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

To accommodate this, Justine designed the unique box mitred features, which border the two ends of the kitchen, and tie in beautifully with the feature colour on the wall of tall cabinetry.

kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

The particular fridge chosen by the clients was extremely deep and they did not want to impede on any walk space.  The design allowed for a new nib wall which externally looked like an extension to the hallway. It internally increased the footprint of the kitchen and allowed a step back in the wall to house the fridge’s depth without any impact to the walk space around the kitchen whatsoever.

kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

And what a transformation to the entire living space! It was definitely far from the original stock standard square kitchen they knew.

box mitred kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

The clients today proudly admit that anyone visiting their unit for the first time without fail always comment favourably on their stunning kitchen. To date, these clients have already had seven kitchen projects built and designed by Craftbuilt Kitchens. Four of which were for their own homes. Some were for real estate sales in Brisbane. Every time they sell off their home, they commend that the beautiful cabinetry of the kitchen were major assets to the sale.

box mitred kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

Planning to sell off your apartment or Brisbane home? Craftbuilt Kitchens also services kitchen renovations in the Brisbane South East areas. Give us a call at (07) 3341 9166 for a kitchen renovation-lift or visit our showroom in Underwood and meet our lovely designers!

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Wellington Point Kitchen Renovation

Some kitchens require a drastic change. We had one client that requested just that.

When they sat down with Craftbuilt Kitchens, they wanted our designers to keep the basic footprint of the kitchen area that had worked for the family for so many years. In addition to that, the clients required to lighten the area and still have room for interesting design and finish elements to complement the “quirky” architectural scheme of the home.

  Wellington Point Brisbane

Wellington Point Brisbane


This is where the drastic change comes in. Gone are the 70’s style dark colours and curves that were so predominant in the old kitchen. These were quickly disposed of to make room for a modern-style large kitchen.

  Wellington Point Brisbane


Wellington Point Brisbane

In its place, is a high gloss white finish with a textured timber grain feature that ensured the new kitchen would provide a light and spacious feel while still achieving a warmth and texture that satisfied the client’s desire for a tactile element.

Timber Look Modern Kitchen

A handle-less finish along with an undermount square sink neatly recessed in the low profile stone benchtops, ensures sleek, streamlined dimensions, finished with a discreet shadowline. Take note of the mirrored splashback.  It provides an interesting touch to the area that jives with the stainless steel appliance finish.

Energy Efficient Natural Lighting in Modern Kitchen

For storage, internal pull outs in the new pantry, along with a fit out to their existing walk-in pantry, significantly increased pantry space. Rear cabinets on the back of one side of the new L-shaped island bench combined with many sets of drawers meant so much extra, easily-accessible storage ensuring  they would never need to worry about having enough kitchen storage. Amazing how the light wood flat-panel cabinets can provide maximum storage!

Timber Look Kitchen

The engineered quartz L-shaped island bench is perfect for the busy area and guests, family members are automatically drawn to the center of the kitchen. Lastly, gone are the old kitchen tiles and in its place is a smooth medium hardwood flooring.

Such a fantastic end result! A wonderful new Craftbuilt Kitchen for the family to the great room! Are you ready to design your new kitchen with us? Contact our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers at (07) 3341 9166 to book an appointment at our Underwood showroom or visit us at our new Kitchen Design Studio at Unit 15, 76 Old Cleveland Road,Stones Corner QLD 4120. See you there!

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Breakfast Creek Kitchen Renovation

We had clients that approached us with one thing in mind: “We want a kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen”.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

Imagine a home with the amazing view of the Brisbane River. Craftbuilt Kitchens went to work straight away with a stunning open plan unit overlooking magnificent views of the Brisbane River. The aim was to design a kitchen to provide storage and functionality, whilst aesthetically blending back into its surroundings and maximising the aspect to the outstanding views.

Modern Black and White Kitchen


An open space for an amazing view! And Craftbuilt Kitchens set to work!

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation
Enjoying the view would be great with a glass of wine or a cup of brew. So, with the added challenge of fitting a wine fridge and coffee machine outlet, on top of extra wide cooking appliances, our kitchen designer set to developing a number of layouts to review. With modern, clean lines imperative, the handle-less finish allowed us to disguise an integrated fridge, a tandem “touch-to-open” pantry and a tower to hide the microwave, coffee machine and huge double bin set up.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

When it came to storage, layered overhead cabinets not only created an immense amount of storage. This fulfills the clients’ request as they enabled perfect positioning of the task lighting to create an outstanding ambiance for the open plan living.  The choice in finish for the doors of these units, by using one of the stunning Laminex Innovations products, helped move away from that “standard” kitchen look.  The design and construction of a perfectly finished boxed two pack display cabinet also utilising the Laminex innovation feature as a backing, ties the areas completely together.  

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

The disappearing act! The essential large cooking appliances were fitted discreetly but comfortably into the corner, which allowed the adjacent bench to be free-flowing.  Added to the design, white mother of pearl slumped glass splash backs behind the cooking area for pure subtlety, together with highly reflective mirror glass splashbacks along the adjacent wall, meant river views were reflected and visible from most areas of the unit.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

Finish it all off with high gloss black quartz benchtops, with a matching black sink & tap, meant our clients were delighted with their “not there” kitchen.

The end result – outstanding stunning aspects from all areas in this modern Craftbuilt Kitchen. Are you looking to have the same open plan feel to your kitchen renovation design plans?

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

Craftbuilt Kitchens has fully qualified and experienced designers who will tailor the design to your specific needs and wants. Call us at (07) 3341 9166 and ask our consultant to book you a design appointment.

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FREE Kitchen Design Seminar Registration

Stones Corner just got classier! Craftbuilt Kitchens’ is opening a NEW Design Studio at Stones Corner.
This weekend, opening Specials include – free in-home design consultations including 3D image viewing valued at OVER $500!
Plus, the first two sales generated from our new store will receive a Kleenmaid Vacuum Cassette. Full demo in store!



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What Are Interest Free Kitchens And How Can I Get One?

Did your dishwasher stop functioning? Are the doors all chipped? Are your kitchen shelves falling apart? It may be high time to renovate your kitchen. At what cost, though? You may be thinking you can’t afford it right now.

Interest Free Kitchens


The truth is your dream kitchen can become a reality even though the pocket disagrees. Clients can still have their dream kitchen renovation using interest free finance.


  •         What are interest free kitchens?


Simply put, it means that Once finance pay for up to 60% of your kitchen for an agreed period interest free.  You can then pay off the amount entirely within the interest free period with no penalty. When the interest free period has finished (usually 12-18 months), you will then be charged interest on the remaining balance until it is paid in full.


  •         What are the advantages when I opt for an interest free kitchen?


You will have the freedom to start planning to install your dream kitchen straight away knowing that you have the full interest free period to complete the repayments.  

You can truly have the kitchen of your dreams with all the bells and whistles due to payments being more manageable as they are spread over the entire interest free period.  The additional cost to have exactly what you need may be negligible when spread over time.

Interest free options can be quite attractive to clients who do not have easy access to their savings


  •         How do I apply for my own interest free kitchen?


If you are currently not a Once Credit customer, applications for pre-approvals can be done online. It’s simple, and there is no commitment to purchase.  See our website to find the link for the online application.

If you are already a Once Credit customer then all you need to check is your credit limit.


  •         Does it take a long time to get approved to get my interest-free kitchen?


Approval notification is within seconds via e-mail once you have completed the online application form.  If you are not already a Once Credit customer, simply visit our Craftbuilt website to find the link for the on-line application form.  All you need to do is complete the application form and you will receive the decision via email within seconds.


  •         When can we start building my interest free kitchen?


Once approval has been granted by Once Credit, it is all systems go!  Craftbuilt will be notified by Once of your approval. From there you can make an appointment with our friendly design staff to visit you in your home to discuss ideas to replace, improve and modernise your kitchen.  You are then ready to select colours and finishes together with your designer who will then walk you through the final paperwork. From there we will arrange a check measure appointment and your kitchen will then be in the production process at the factory and only a matter of weeks away before being installed into your own home ready for you to use.

With Craftbuilt Kitchens, the whole process is easy. Craftbuilt offers you interest free finance allowing you to buy your new kitchen today while paying for it over time – interest free. When you’re ready, you can apply for interest-free finance and start planning for your dream kitchen!

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Shailer Park Family Kitchen Renovation

Often times, it is only when one can see that a kitchen needs updating if an essential appliance breaks down, the flooring peels back or a storage area shatters. During Christmas 2016, a number of relatives and family were guests for lunch in one Shailer Park home. After everybody had consumed an outstanding feast, all that was left to do was clean up and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

But that was not the case for this client. The dishes were packed in the dishwasher and, after several minutes of washing, it suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The electronic controls were not functioning at all. Take a look at the pre-renovation pictures of the kitchen before Craftbuilt Kitchens worked their magic.

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Pre Renovation    Shailer Park Family Kitchen Pre Renovation

Around the kitchen, the area lacked bench space, the chipboard shelving had sagged and looked unsightly, the floor needs replacing and the appliances – updating. Our clients decided to invest in a built-in or stand alone dishwasher as mobile machines are not manufactured today. Plus, they were looking at energy efficient appliances. It was then that they decided to replace the whole area. The cabinetry finish they had chosen was a SHEEN laminate finish in Classic White. The benchtops were manufactured quartz by Smart Stone, a soft fine specked grey called CENIZA.

What was a 1970’s style kitchen then turned into a modern dream kitchen. Turning to Craftbuilt Kitchens, the clients received a quote that covered all costs and in their own words “material content was good – Easy friendly and helpful approach to sales – excellent reports from the trades people and could not see any cost overruns.”

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Brisbane

At the end of the project, our Shailer Park clients knew they made the right decision to work with Craftbuilt Kitchens for their renovation. “We are extremely happy with the results due to quality materials and Craftsmanship – Excellent tradesman who was punctual, polite and always cleaned up satisfactory after each job was completed.”

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Brisbane


Having fulfilled their dream kitchen, they send their best to Sue, who designed the kitchen and supplied the quotation, and Sharon, who itemized a timetable and organized the tradesmen and materials.

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Brisbane

Are you looking to do the same before having a wave of guests come over for the summer and future holidays? Call Craftbuilt Kitchens at (07) 3341 9166 and set a 3D appointment with our kitchen designers so you can see for yourself what your dream kitchen looks like virtually. You will be amazed at how simple it is, and will be sure of how the end result will look in your home.


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