An Eat-In Kitchen You Can Enjoy

Many of us live a busy and fast paced lifestyle. In one’s home, at times, there can be guests coming and going. Everyone’s making time to share a quick meal or light snack, and even on their own before rushing off to work.

This is the reason why eat-in kitchens are very popular in kitchen designs. In modern kitchens, most residents and home-owners prefer adjoining kitchen and dining rooms. They realise the convenience of enjoying their meals in the same area as the kitchen. Right where the food is still hot and fresh from the stove or oven.

Dining At The Counter

If you are short on space then this kind of eat-in kitchen design is perfect. Counter or breakfast bars are very popular and for good reason. They allow residents to enjoy a meal without taking up too much room like a table would and also adds a nice modern feel to the style of kitchen.

The Breakfast Nook

For a more cosy and traditional theme to your eat-in kitchen, the breakfast nook may be for you. You will need a little more space though but it is still a good solution if you don’t have a huge area. The breakfast nook is easier for young children to dine in compared to the counter style because the table is a standard height.

Perfect for large kitchens, you can select a larger dining table and chairs that suit the style of the kitchen. If you would really like to stick with the theme, you can even have a table made using the same material as the kitchen benchtop.

There are many fantastic ideas for each style of eat-in kitchen. It all depends on the “feel” you are after. The eat-in kitchen enables families and friends to enjoy a more casual way of dining and conserve the space they have by not having bulky tables and chairs.

Selecting the right kitchen company to design and install your eat-in kitchen means you will be treated by their knowledge and expertise to the very best ideas possible including space saving ideas for cupboards and the kind of layout that will better suit the space you have to work with.

If you have a home that is bustling with energy of all ages or a group of adults, the eat-in kitchen certainly has its place, if you would like to talk to kitchen specialists with over 40 years of experience,  please call 07 3341 9166. Craftbuilt Kitchens is here for your when you are ready to redesign your kitchen’s look.

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