How To Get The Ideal Kitchen Layout In A Limited Space

When you begin thinking about upgrading your kitchen, most people think first about how it will look. Have you, for example, already started searching cabinet finishes, the desired colour for bench tops, new appliances and other such details? Naturally, you want the finished product to look great and add value, but you practicality is also a key factor.

A Practical Layout Without The Clutter

The last thing you want in your new kitchen is a layout that is difficult to move around in. This is particularly important in a modest-sized kitchen, where space is at a premium. The finished result to look cramped and cluttered.

Lucky for you, our designers at Craftbuilt Kitchens have many years of experience at addressing this dilemma. They have successfully solved this problem for many of our clients who needed to upgrade their kitchen and wanted the latest of everything in a limited space.

What Is The Work Triangle?

We design our kitchen spaces around the concept of the work triangle. This is the distance between three critical locations in the kitchen. The first is the dry storage and refrigeration area, which we like to place as close as possible to the entry point. The second is the cooking area, best placed close to the dining area, and the third is the sink, which sits between these two locations.

Are There Ideal Dimensions?

The ideal dimension in this space is less than 6.4 metres and no more than 7.9 metres, at which point the distance between the three key points becomes inefficient. In a modest sized kitchen, this could be made smaller and still be functional, but too small and it becomes difficult. The concept supports the three main functions of a kitchen – storage, preparation and cooking.

Entry Point for Storage

With the refrigerator and pantry at the entry point, and a bench top measuring 38 to 61 centimetres beside the pantry, you have space to set down frozen food and other items ready for preparation.

The Preparation and Cleaning Area

The area around the sink is ideal for preparation and cleaning, with crockery, cutlery, dishwasher and other utensils handy. A bench top from 45 to 92 centimetres next to the sink is your working space.

Where The Magic Happens

Everything needed for cooking should be arranged around the oven and cook top. Deep drawers and cupboards close by will hold pots, pans and other essential utensils. An ideal size for the adjacent bench top is between 53 and 92 centimetres, depending on the space available.

The measurements at the lower end of those suggested would suit where space is an issue. Our experienced designers work with your preferences and they will help you make the best decisions to suit the space that is available.

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