How to Create a Traditional Kitchen Design for a Modern Home

Traditional Kitchen Design

Some people think that a traditional design is stuffy, predictable, and boring. However, incorporating traditional design in the modern home is a great opportunity to add familiar yet interesting pieces and concepts. A traditional kitchen will create a comforting, warm feel while harmonising with the contemporary design of the rest of the house.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Using a traditional kitchen design in a modern home is a popular home improvement. Here’s how you can do it.

Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are a popular option of a traditional design for the modern home. Stone can withstand mishaps and spills in the kitchen and the traditional-looking stone countertop will be stain, scratch, and heat-resistant.

There are many types of stone countertop materials, such as:

  • Granite: This is the go-to material when there are no budget issues to consider. It is a byproduct of feldspar and quartz fusing. You can include granite in your traditional-look kitchen renovation and know it will add elements of durability and beauty to your home.
  • Engineered stone: Engineered stone is made from ground-up particles of quartz. This material doesn’t absorb liquids, making cleaning easier.

Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral colours are muted shades that appear to be without colour. They include grey, black, taupe, ivory, beige, and shades of white. Neutral colour palettes are great background colours when creating a traditional theme in your kitchen because they don’t have much intensity or saturation. They will work well with your traditional elements in the kitchen while keeping a modern feel matched to the rest of your home.

Natural Materials

Your traditional-looking kitchen can also feature organic materials found in nature. For instance, you can have bamboo blinds, wood floors, brick walls, leather plate covers, and sisal and jute rugs. You can combine these elements with lighting features made from metal accents to complete the look. 

Simple Splashback

Having a simple splashback in your kitchen is one of the best ways to bring out traditional accessories. For example, instead of a tiled splashback, you can install metal, beadboard, thermoplastic, chalkboard, or glass. 

Decorative Accessories

The traditional kitchen style emphasises simple items. For instance, you can include canvas wall art, tiered hanging baskets, or floral tablecloths. Other decorative accessories are reproductions of famous works or posters for movies.

Wood Routing to tie everything together

  • Cabinet Doors: Using traditional features on your cabinet doors like routing will tie all of your traditional elements together in your kitchen. Traditional-style kitchens using routered cabinet doors can be very attractive for their versatility, timelessness, and the fact that they can be used in any other room of the house. 
  • Kickboards and rangehoods: Similar to cabinet doors, a routered kickboard around an island bench and a traditional look rangehood will ensure a seamless style from top to bottom. The right finishing touches will give you the traditional kitchen of your dreams.

Our Two Cents

A traditional kitchen in a modern home can be tricky to balance, as it can be easy to go overboard with traditional accessories when you’re not careful. It definitely takes a professional designer’s eye to create a traditional kitchen without making it look out of place in a home that is more modern in the majority of its features.

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