Kitchen with Granite Countertops

When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, having a bench that measures up to your needs, wants and cooking skills matter. Having the right amount of bench space and a counter-top that isn’t going to damage easily is important, especially when preparing a meal.

Which is why granite kitchen counter-tops are a great addition to any kitchen because of their durability. The composition of granite is very close to lava, making it extremely strong. This kind of rock has been used in different industries and designs for hundreds of years. They look beautiful and can truly last beyond a lifetime.

Commercial or restaurant kitchens may not be the same as residential kitchens in Brisbane but that doesn’t mean their benchtops shouldn’t be sturdy. Benches are in use everyday, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is important to have a good bench that you can work on when it comes to meal preparation and even dining. Even the kids use the benchtop for drawing, homework and playtime while the parents prepare supper. It’s also a great place for cats to nap.

Granite Kitchen Countertop

If you are keen on choosing granite, granite benchtops come in a large range of colours and patterns, making it very easy for you to match your decor with the colours of your choice. It is scratch and heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about leaving ugly marks on the bench with hot pots and pans. It is relatively easy to clean. Although it is more of an expensive option, it will also add value to your home and lasts for a lifetime, giving you peace of mind knowing that you haven’t wasted money on something you need to replace later on down the track. You can see, that even after a decade, it will still look as shiny and new as the day you bought it. Not only that, granite counter-tops can also be used in bathrooms or in an entertainment area.

When thinking about installing a granite kitchen countertop, getting a professional to install your granite counter-tops is a must. It needs to be properly sealed and grouted. Our Craftbuilt Kitchens consultants can help you in this area. With their years of experience, they can sit down with you and discuss any concerns you may have about granite benchtops. Call (07) 3341 9166 today to set an appointment or visit us at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119 for granite samples in the showroom.

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