Smart But Simple – How To Increase The Impact of Your Renovation

Everyone wants to get the best value out of their kitchen renovation and still stay within the confines of their budget. This may mean compromising between that very high-end marble benchtop and a stylish but less expensive material. Sometimes this is difficult, especially when you have your heart set on a style, colour or overall effect.

Add Value To A Kitchen Renovation Without Extra Spending

How would you feel then, if there was a way you could have the perfect kitchen as you envisage it, and increase its value without exceeding your budget? When you visit the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom, you get an opportunity to look at our kitchen displays and make some preliminary decisions. Then our expert designer works with you to get a unique kitchen that ticks all the boxes.

Along the way, you might consider some of the suggestions we have here for adding that elusive value by redirecting some of your budget into some value-added ideas. Using just one of these could potentially increase not only the value of your kitchen, but of your entire home.

Removing A Wall Creates Open Space

A kitchen renovation is the ideal opportunity to increase the scale of the kitchen so that it appears larger, and therefore of higher quality. Size really does matter, so forget the existing kitchen footprint, and imagine how it would look if you took out a wall. This would create an open, flowing space allowing your lounge, dining, kitchen and outdoor areas to link seamlessly.

Paradise Point Kitchen Renovation

Add An Island Bench

Now you have space for an island bench, which you may not have considered. These are very practical, allow for larger bench space and create that feeling of intimacy you only get when family or guests can socialise with you without getting in the way of meal preparations. Adding large drawers and shelving under the benchtop creates additional places to store things that create clutter and destroy the minimal look that says ‘luxury’.

Have A Garage Sale With Old Appliances That Still Work

Many older kitchens have mismatched large appliances. The white fridge or dishwasher may be working effectively but they don’t match the elegant, stainless steel oven and glass hotplate you selected when the stove needed replacing last year. Sell those tired old workhorses and replace them with ones that match the newest appliance. Your new kitchen will look sleek, modern and expensive. By starting a garage sale, you’re also adding extra savings and money to your pocket for your renovation!

Upgrade The Lighting

Think about how the old lighting will look with your beautiful, new kitchen. Is it a single fluorescent tube on the ceiling or a couple of out-of-fashion wall lights? No doubt it is still adequate, but again, think of the value-adding effect of modern downlighting and accent lights that display the best features, and make your new stainless steel appliances glow.

These are just a few ideas we had that will take your renovation to the next level without breaking the bank. Visit our display centre and see what other surprises we have.

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