What Are the Most Popular Layouts for Brisbane Kitchens?

Kitchen renovations in Brisbane need to consider three key factors during the initial planning stages: functionality, style and budget. And something that will have a big impact on all three of these components is the layout you decide to use for your kitchen. Your kitchen layout will affect how much bench space you’ll end up with, what size appliances you can choose and how much usable storage space you’ll have once the renovation is complete. It will impact the cost of your renovation and will play a big part in determining the style of the kitchen. 

There are quite a few different kitchen layouts to choose from, so how do you determine which layout is right for your home? The best thing to do is start by talking to the kitchen remodelling specialist at Craftbuilt Kitchens. We can talk you through all the available options and offer expert advice on which kitchen layout will provide you with the right mixture of style, functionality and cost. The most popular layouts for kitchen renovations in Brisbane include:

  • Galley: A galley kitchen features two parallel kitchen benches, with cabinets located on both sides. This design is ideal for homeowners seeking maximum bench space and minimal wastage. Galley kitchens also offer plenty of storage but can be subject to traffic jams if too many people are trying to use the space. To avoid this kind of kitchen gridlock, we recommend situating all the key work areas on one designated wall (so people aren’t crossing back and forth between the two sides of the kitchen). 
  • L-Shaped: As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen consists of cabinets and benchtops installed along two adjoining walls. An L-shaped kitchen requires careful planning to ensure you’re not losing valuable cupboard space in the corner where the two benchtops join. This potential problem can be overcome by including smart cabinetry accessories (such as the LeMans corner cupboard unit) or by using the corner space for a walk-in pantry. For a fluid kitchen workflow, it’s best to keep both sides of your ‘L’ shape at less than 4.5 metres long. 
  • Island: Island kitchens have become increasingly popular as homeowners look to create an open-plan kitchen that still has plenty of storage and bench space. The island can consist of one large bench or a range of features, such as a kitchen sink, added cabinetry or even a dishwasher. Island kitchens create a natural place for people to congregate, making them ideal for big families and homeowners who like to entertain. 
  • U-Shaped: A U-shaped kitchen can create plenty of storage and tons of bench space, so they’re great for when multiple people are going to be cooking together. The U-shaped kitchen creates a natural open-plan style which is perfect for homeowners seeking an effortless transition between the kitchen and the adjacent living or dining room. A U-shaped kitchen can sometimes create a “hemmed in” feeling, so it’s important to think about where you’re going to place your overhead cabinets and what colour scheme you’ll use (so the final design isn’t too overbearing). 
  • Peninsula: Sometimes referred to as a G-shaped kitchen, a peninsula floor plan features an added section of kitchen bench that extends out from one of the kitchen walls. This provides you with the additional bench space and cabinetry of a separate kitchen island but won’t take up as much room as an independent island would. This makes the peninsula layout a possible solution for smaller kitchens with limited floor space.  
  • Single Wall: The single wall design is another great floor plan for smaller-sized kitchens. The key to creating a functional single wall kitchen is to make the most of your vertical space. You can do this by mounting overhead cabinets or by installing a full-length pull-out pantry. Another important design consideration in a single wall kitchen is the placement of your main workstations. Try to situate your fridge at one end with your kitchen sink at the other end and your cooking appliances in the middle. This creates a natural workflow from the food storage area to the food cooking area without having dirty dishes cluttering up the space in between. 

Use a Kitchen Remodelling Specialist

To ensure you end up with the right layout for your new kitchen, make an appointment today to speak with the specialist design team at Craftbuilt Kitchens. 

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