Expert Tips for Creating an Industrial Style Kitchen

kitchen industrial style

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in Brisbane, then you’ve probably already started thinking about what kind of kitchen style will suit your home. One design trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the industrial-style kitchen. Industrial style kitchens not only look fantastic, but they’re also highly practical and easy to keep clean.

Perfect industrial kitchen designs are the key to designing an industrial-style kitchen is finding the balance – incorporating enough “industrial” elements to achieve your desired look without going overboard. You need the right blend of rough design features (like exposed brick or polished concrete) mixed with those that are a bit more sophisticated (such as metallic finishes and pendant lighting). 

Tips for an Industrial Style Kitchen

To create industrial style kitchens that will look fantastic Craftbuilt Kitchens recommend the following 5 industrial kitchen designs:

1. Create a Feeling of Space

The hallmark of an industrial kitchen is its sense of openness and space. For kitchens in Brisbane that have sufficient space, a single wall kitchen layout can be coupled with an open-plan dining area to enhance this open feeling. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve an industrial style design in a smaller kitchen. The trick is to create an illusion of space. One great way to do this is by drawing attention to the vertical scope of the room – installing overhead cabinets, open shelving, or statement lighting fixtures. 

2. Consider Custom Black Cabinetry

Black cabinetry can give a kitchen an intimate and edgy feel, while also being incredibly practical (easy to keep clean!). You may have noticed that this is a popular choice for industrial styled cafes, where the black cabinetry is often mirrored in other elements of the kitchen (such as exposed overhead pipework or black chairs and tables). These darker features can be offset by lighter flooring or benchtops, creating a natural balance in the colour palette. If you’re not sure you’re ready for something as dramatic as black, then grey cabinetry is also an excellent choice for industrial style kitchens. 

3. Look for Metal Finishes

Stainless steel is synonymous with industrial style kitchens, and it’s a fantastic material for splashbacks, benchtops, sinks, and most kitchen appliances. But don’t limit yourself to stainless steel. Sinks, tapware, and range hoods are now available in a great range of colours and finishes, including copper, brass, black steel and even gold. A few well-placed metal finishes will automatically draw the eye and create a statement within your industrial kitchen. 

4. Maximise Your Work Space

Don’t forget that an industrial style kitchen draws inspiration from professional working kitchens. So, having a sufficient workspace for food preparation should be considered a key design feature. A great way to maximise your workspace is by including a kitchen island. This creates added bench and storage space without compromising the open-plan design of the kitchen. 

5. Include Some Polished Concrete

Polished concrete not only looks fantastic in an industrial style kitchen, but it’s also very practical in a high-traffic part of the home. For a kitchen renovation in Brisbane, polished concrete could be used as flooring (a polished concrete floor can be made slip-resistant by applying the correct surface treatment) or as a benchtop (which will typically be formed and poured in place). 

Industrial Kitchen Design Expert Advice for Kitchens in Brisbane

Craftbuilt Kitchens have been renovating kitchens in Brisbane for over 45 years. Our experienced industrial kitchen designs team can work with you to create a stunning and highly functional kitchen that suits your style. To find out more about industrial style kitchens, book an appointment for an in-home design consultation or arrange to visit our state-of-the-art showroom in Stones Corner.