Energy Efficient Natural Light in Your Modern Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

When it comes to renovating kitchens, home owners are going for energy-efficient and cost-efficient ways to improve their living space. Through the use of quality water and energy efficient appliances, property owners are sure to cut down on the cost of utilities. Another way to cut down energy consumption is through the use of natural light. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by incorporating natural light in your modern kitchen design.

How to Use Natural Light in Modern Family Kitchens:

  • There is no need to use light decorations and fixtures when using natural light. Depending on your budget, you can accommodate natural light into your kitchen by using light coloured paint on walls. Using a soft shade of white paint, the surrounding space can appear brighter. When natural light enters the room, it reflects off the walls instead of absorbing it. You can use the same concept for your ceiling as well.

Energy Efficient Natural Lighting in Modern Kitchen

  • Another option is to paint your walls with a satin finish. Matte painted walls won’t reflect as much light. Plus, a satin finish is much more forgiving of holes and patches.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

  • Aside from ceilings and walls, your flooring can also be used to reflect light. Light wood flooring or ceramic floors with a polished or gloss finish are great options.
  • Kitchen splashbacks are great light reflectors as well. Materials such as mirrors, ceramic tiles with gloss finish and glass tiles, if placed in the right light, can reflect the maximum amount of light coverage.

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  • Skylights are great when it comes to providing natural light to a whole area. Since they face upward, it captures the most light.
  • Medium-sized to large windows or glass doors can also pull in natural light. These help make the kitchen appear larger, too. By opening the kitchen to the outdoors, homeowners are taking advantage of the space in its surrounding areas.

Energy Efficient Natural Light in Your Modern Kitchen

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