How to Select the Best Sink for Your Kitchen

How to Select the Best Sink for Your Kitchen

How to choose a kitchen sink

When planning a kitchen renovation, homeowners often focus on the bigger elements – the appliances, the cabinetry, the benchtops and the splashbacks. One thing that you may not immediately think of is how your choice of sink will impact the overall design and functionality of your kitchen renovation. But consider for a moment how many times per day you typically use your kitchen sink…

The truth is the humble sink plays an integral part in both food preparation and kitchen clean-up. And choosing the wrong kind of sink can make both of these essential tasks more difficult or frustrating than they need to be. So, when it comes to designing a custom kitchen renovation, how can you select the best sink for your kitchen?

How Do You Decide on the Right Size for Your Kitchen Sink?

You may be tempted to go with a simple “bigger is better” approach when choosing a sink for your new kitchen. But amateur kitchen designers in Brisbane should also consider the trade-off between bench space and sink space. For example, if you have limited bench space in your kitchen, it may be worth choosing a sink that is narrower and deeper (the added depth will make washing up much easier). However, if you have plenty of bench space (perhaps even an island bench), then you’ve got more room to dedicate to a larger sink. It also helps to think about the kinds of items you’ll be washing up in the sink – if you commonly use family-sized casserole dishes and deep-sided oven trays, a larger sink will be more accommodating for these items. 

What Shape Should You Choose for Your Kitchen Sink? 

If you’re in search of a custom kitchen renovations Brisbane that stands out as a little different, you could consider installing one of the round sinks that have been gaining popularity in modern kitchen designs. However, keep in mind that a round sink may be less functional when it comes to washing dishes that are large and square. For this reason, our Craftbuilt kitchen designers in Brisbane recommend a round design be used as a secondary sink, ideal for washing hands or preparing fruit and vegetables. This can then be paired with a typical square sink which can handle the bulk of the washing up. 

How Many Bowls Does Your Kitchen Sink Need? 

Once again, try to think about the functionality of your kitchen, not just the overall style. If you have sufficient space, a double bowl sink will make washing up an easier task and can help to create a more streamlined look for your kitchen (as the dish drainer can be fitted in the second bowl). However, if you’re renovating a small kitchen and you want to maximise your bench space, a single deep bowl may offer a greater solution than two standard bowls side-by-side. The right choice of accessories can also make a kitchen sink more functional, regardless of whether it’s a single, double or triple bowl. Sink accessories can include built-in draining boards, cutting boards or colanders, as well as commercial-style taps with a pull-out spray function. 

What Material Should You Select for Your Kitchen Sink? 

Kitchen sinks are now available in a range of different materials, but the most common ones include: 

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel sinks have remained a popular choice for kitchen renovations because they look good, are affordable and durable. They’re a hygienic option that is easy to clean and unlikely to discolour. While stainless steel can scratch, the surface finish means that scratching is less obvious.  
  • Porcelain: This is a common material for “farmhouse” style sinks, which are typically large, square and deep. While porcelain sinks look terrific (particularly in a traditional or country styled kitchen), the porcelain is susceptible to chipping or discolouring over time. 
  • Granite: Granite sinks are made from a composition of resin mixed with quartz and granite particles. The end result is a product that looks fantastic while also being extremely durable. Granite sinks are now available in an array of different sizes and designs, allowing for great versatility in a range of kitchen styles. 

Choosing the Best Sink for Your Kitchen

To ensure you get the right combination of size, style, shape and material for your kitchen sink, talk to our Craftbuilt kitchen designers in Brisbane. With over 45 years of experience remodelling kitchens, we can explain all your different options, answer all your questions and help you design a custom kitchen renovations Brisbane that is right for you. 

Abey Australia Sinks

Kitchen sinks are now available in a wide range of colours and styles, allowing for more choice than ever before. One of the largest collections of stainless steel sinks in Australia is courtesy of Abey, a brand name synonymous with superior quality and long-lasting performance. In fact, every Abey stainless steel sink is backed by an impressive 25-year warranty (an indication of just how well made these sinks are!).

Abey sinks are available in single or double designs and both rectangular and circular layouts. The extensive collection of Abey sinks has been manufactured to suit varying conditions, including 316 Marine Grade weather-resistant steel suitable for installation in outdoor kitchens. The Abey range also offers homeowners a choice of satin, brushed or metallic finishes, as well as an elite selection of coloured sinks (featuring black, gold and copper designs). Abey sinks are designed to suit a variety of installation methods, including inset, undermount and flushmount. This makes them compatible with a wide range of benchtop materials.

Another fantastic feature of Abey sinks is the extensive line of optional accessories. These accessories include inset draining trays, chopping boards and colanders, allowing you to quickly transform your kitchen sink into a fully functioning workstation.

To find out more about the impressive collection of Abey sinks, contact the team at Craftbuilt Kitchens today, or book an appointment to visit our kitchen showrooms Brisbane.

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