Kids In Your Kitchen

Now that our professional team at Craftbuilt Kitchens have created an amazing place for you to create delicious meals, you might be thinking about bringing your little ones into the mix. Cooking with children is a great way to bond with them but also teaches them valuable life skills that they might not learn in school.

Not only that, it is also fun for them and will be a memory they will keep with them forever. Setting up the groundwork for kiddies to enjoy cooking means they have a better attitude towards preparing their own meals as adults. If you’re ready to take the plunge into cooking with your young ones, here are some great tips to get you on your way.

Hygiene First and Foremost

First of all, it is important to teach your little ones about hygiene. While this is an important lesson anyway, it is even more so when it comes to preparing food. Teaching your children proper hygiene early in life will be remembered in their adult years.

Timing and Planning

Timing and planning is everything. Firstly, you will need to choose a recipe that is suitable for your child’s age group. Choosing a meal or dish that is above their capability will not only cause disaster, the experience won’t be enjoyable for either of you.

Once you have chosen your recipe you need to set up well and allow for time to prepare. Children will naturally be a little slower at cooking and some extra time set aside, along with some patience, will go a long way.

Get Ready For Mess

This mission is going to get messy, so prepare for it. Lay down newspaper if you like; also wear aprons or even old clothes. Just be prepared for mess and plan not to worry about it until after the fun is over. Children are often not as dexterous as adults in the kitchen until they have had time to learn and practice. Teach them this skill with love.

Learning and Enjoying

This is an adventure. Have fun with your children; let them taste foods that are safe to eat raw. Talk about the different nutrients present in vegetables, for example. Teach them about cleaning up; teach them that patience and care can bring great rewards in tasty meals.

This is a fantastic opportunity to teach your youngsters about hygiene, tastes, healthy food, homemade treats and more. Enjoy your bonding time with your children and family in your Craftbuilt Kitchens dream kitchen and build memories that last forever.

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