Pantone: Living Coral As a Kitchen Colour and Theme

After Pantone made the announcement that Living Coral was 2019’s colour of the year, a lot of designers weighed in on the vibrant colour. It is described by Sonia Simpfendorfer, creative director at Australian colour consultancy Nexus Designs, as a potential popular colour because the pink spectrum has been popular and is known to bring loveliness and calmness to interiors.

Living Coral definitely has a warm energy to it and has a playful edge. Irina Krasheninnikova, an interior designer and Houzz contributor based in Russia, says the perfect combinations are “coral and grey-brown; coral and juicy green; coral and honey.” While Sonia feels that it is a “natural fit with fresh white, soft greys and a small amount of black, along with lighter [timbers], but it is particularly interesting when paired with pale blues and dirty purples, too”. Italian interior designer Lia Lovisolo states that coral can be beautifully paired with choices from the green spectrum such as coral and turquoise. In addition, it’s perfect with light woods.

Pantone Living Coral Kitchen

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In the article from Houzz, Pantone suggests that coral is a nurturing shade that bridges the natural & digital worlds and “symbolises our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, Living Coral can definitely make a statement and fits some of the natural schemes in any space. Imagine the color as a base for your splashback or hues for your cabinet and other storage areas. 

Living Coral is indeed a cheerful colour. It adds instant glamour and freshens traditional spaces. It is perfect when paired with neutrals and brightens up darker hues. Imagine entertaining guests and socialising over your amazing homemade spread for dinner in a vibrant setting.  It warms up modern spaces and gives off a fun aura. 

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