We Want A New Bathroom For Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year with so many expectations surrounding such as the traditional celebrations and customs. The giving of gifts is a case in point. People who take the time to do some sneaky sleuthing get this right and delight their loved ones. Gifts are exchanged, unwrapped, exclaimed over, played with and generally enjoyed until something else takes their place.

In the cold, harsh dawn of the New Year, reality sets in and thoughts turn to how the money spent on gifts could have been better allocated. There is no suggestion that gifts should be abandoned altogether, but smaller, less expensive ones could leave the way open for one single gift that would benefit everyone in the household. This is where brave people put up their hands and offer a better suggestion.

Conversation With Self – Convince The Family

Would a large gift that brings permanent pleasure and comfort to the whole family be a better option? Could that gift be something that everyone wants and the household needs but nobody has taken the initiative to propose? How about spending some of that Christmas cash on a brand new, clean, gleaming, ultra-modern and stylish bathroom?

If you could see this scenario being accepted at your house, now is the time to get things moving. The bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in most households, serving a very necessary function, but often a poor cousin to the rest of the house. When renovations are planned, too often the budget runs out before the bathroom is touched.

A new kitchen, perhaps an outdoor room or entertainment centre, general study area or a complete makeover of soft furnishings and floor coverings are the main areas that get the attention and the budget. The bathroom is still serving its purpose, so it is put on the backburner for the next round of renovations. Before you know it, ten years have passed and it still looks shabby and unloved.

Stylish Black Bathroom Coomera, Brisbane QLD Bathroom Renovation

Use A Bathroom Renovation Specialist for A Top Result

Now here’s the plan. The first port of call is a professional bathroom renovations company that will design a completely new bathroom. To get the best effect, everything should be up for grabs including the location of the plumbing. Often a bathroom renovation is compromised because the owners don’t want to incur the cost of moving the taps and shower heads around. This is a pity because they miss the opportunity to have a completely different layout that is stylish and contemporary.

Once the decision is made to start from scratch, everything is possible. Reinforced plain glass shower screens, twin vanity basins, new fixtures and fittings in the latest materials and colours, exciting tile designs, modern bath and matching shower tray – the choices are mind boggling. Involving the whole family in the planning and choice of colours is the key to maintaining the excitement. It will also help them to stay patient when the actual renovation begins and they need to find an alternative location to shower.

If this has rekindled the desire to bring the bathroom up to date to complement the rest of your home, tell the family it’s an early Christmas gift. Set a budget, talk to a bathroom renovation specialist who will arrange design drawings and co-ordinate all the trade work, and organise your funds. A new bathroom will add thousands of dollars of value to your home and next Christmas will be totally awesome.

Are you ready to plan for your bathroom renovation? Contact our professional designers at Craftbuilt Kitchens today at (07) 3341 9166 today to set an appointment.

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