Take Your Time When Choosing A Benchtop

Are you planning a complete kitchen renovations Brisbane or just a kitchen benchtop to refurbish an existing layout? Take the time to get it right, because a poor choice of material or colour will detract from the overall finish of the entire kitchen. The benchtop draws all the design elements together so that the final “look” is important.

It is a mistake to fall in love with a colour or finish without considering how it will look against your cabinetry and appliances. It is also a mistake to insist on a material that does not suit your lifestyle. Some surfaces need care and maintenance, and if your time is limited, it is best to choose something that is low maintenance.

Craftbuilt Kitchens have been designing and supplying kitchen benchtops in Brisbane for over 40 years. This experience and knowledge is at your disposal when you visit our showrooms and talk to us about your kitchen project. We have some suggestions that may help you make an informed choice about your new benchtop.

Low Cost – Some Care Needed

Where cost is a major factor, laminate is still the most affordable option. It has kept pace with contemporary tastes and is available in a range of up-to-the-minute colours, patterns and textures, including the natural stone look. Stains wipe clean easily, but scratches, knife marks and heat may damage the surface.

Engineered Stone – The Look of Marble Without the Cost

Engineered stone is made largely of quartz aggregates mixed with organic pigments and resins. It is one of the most popular choices for benchtops and comes in a multitude of colours and patterns. The non-porous surface does not need sealing, is low maintenance, and both heat and scratch resistant.

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Stainless Steel – The Material of the Moment

Stainless steel has a polished glow that fits in well with the current minimalist look, and as a replacement for an old benchtop, would immediately give a modern lift to a tired kitchen. When coupled with stainless steel appliances in a new kitchen, it looks sensational.

Hygienic and durable, there is not much that can damage stainless steel. It will show deep scratches and dents, so a little care is needed, and wiping off finger marks can become a chore. We suggest using stainless steel cleaners for ease of maintenance.

Solid Surfacing – Ideal for Large Coverage

This acrylic resin with a filling of alumina can be moulded into any shape, so it is perfect for a large benchtop or island. With no joins to harbour food particles and dirt, it is super hygienic and the continuous, seamless look is elegant and practical. It is also waterproof and fire resistant and while it will show careless cuts or scratches, these can be easily repaired.

Call our showroom and look at all these wonderful products in person. It is so much easier to choose when you have seen and touched the samples for yourself. Our kitchen designers can show you what is best for your kitchen needs!

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