Choosing The Best Cookware for Your Kitchen

Kitchens have for years been areas of the home low on the list of renovations. Outdoor patios, dining and lounge/family rooms where guests are entertained are usually the first areas to be considered. However there has been a big turnaround in thinking in recent years with the increase in modern kitchen design companies and cooking shows on television, giving the kitchen a brand new upmarket status. Women have made their voice heard as to where kitchens fall short and companies are taking it to heart and creating dreams come true for them.

The installation of a new kitchen can make the world of difference as to how much enjoyment we derive from cooking. When we have our dream design with heaps of bench space and adequate storage that is easily accessible, cooking is less of a chore. Having the appliances we need for specific kitchen functions makes us happier to be the head chef, especially if we have the right cookware as well. For baking cakes and biscuits many opt for the non-stick bake ware as it is simpler to turn out the cakes from the pan, and oiling them isn’t necessary. For roasting many choose food grade aluminium roasting trays and trivets. Most people nowadays opt for stainless steel for their saucepans and frypans for their kitchens in Brisbane.

Kitchen designs in Brisbane have changed this room from an area unseen by all but family, to full on function areas due to their elegant, modern open plan look. Now guests and hosts can all see and converse together while dishes are being prepared, making it much more enjoyable for the hostess. Of course with this in mind the choice of cookware becomes more important than it was previously, as we don’t want the wrong choice to spoil the overall result.

Cookware comes in multi piece sets, mostly stainless steel, but frypans can also be non-stick Teflon coated aluminium or heavy-duty cast iron. Of course enamel cookware is still in use, but not chosen as frequently as it was long ago. Stainless steel is by far the best choice as it is non-porous and non staining, easy to clean and looks great with its high sheen exterior. The choice of cookware can also depend on the type of cooktop used as to gas or electric elements or induction, as to whether thicker heat conducting bottoms are needed.

Whatever personal choice is made, adequate storage is needed to house the cookware, so that as well as it being easily accessible, there is room between items so there is no damage caused by overcrowding. A good kitchen design company will ensure this is included in the planning stages.