Cook Home Made Pizza

There are a few people that would tell you that pizza is not a trend, it is a way of life. There are so many pizza lovers out there that can quickly name their favourite pizza when asked. From pepperoni to all-meat, from four cheese to seafood, from thin crust to deep dish.

Cook Home Made Pizza

And when it comes to pizza, oftentimes it is associated with home delivery. Now, according to Delicious, takeaway pizza and pizza delivery statistics has decreased and that is mainly because Australians are now choosing a different approach in food culture. Many Australians are now trying to choose healthier foods. However, that doesn’t mean that pizza is going to be put on the back burner.

The love for pizza is still melty and gooey for a lot of household members. Although they may no longer opt for the commercial slice or frozen alternative, there are still ways to enjoy the all-time favourite treat. You can make pizza on the stove top and in your own oven but your kitchen can offer you so much more.

When you visit the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom, our expert designers can tell you that you can still use your oven but cook your pizza on a pizza stone. When renovating your kitchen you can go a little more upscale and splash out on a pizza oven. There is nothing more authentic than having a brick oven pizza for dinner. Our designers can even offer tips on how to maintain the stones and ovens.

Whatever you choose, whether it is a pizza stone or a pizza oven, our kitchen designers can help you choose the best oven that fits your kitchen, lifestyle and space. This is a fantastic way to make your own homemade pizzas that are healthier and personal. Because why not? Every pizza is a personal pizza. You can make it gooey, healthier, organic, cheesier and more. And it’s a wonderful way to get some much needed veggies into children who are fussy eaters. Kids would never say no to pizza!


For the best advice on pizza stones and ovens, visit Craftbuilt Kitchens in Brisbane and talk to a qualified designer about your kitchen appliance and oven options.

With so much information now regarding health and wellness being available there are more and more people striving to have their bodies functioning in peak condition. This is a good thing as it means there are many more people working towards healthy lifestyles which will benefit future generations and the health system. It also means less fatty take away meals are being consumed and there are more home cooked meals happening in households. Aside from the money saving factor there are obvious health and nutrition benefits to be gained here too.

Knowing What’s In Your Food:

There is a lot more knowledge about the adverse affects certain additives can have on our bodies, now. Particularly where preservatives are concerned, we know it is better for our bodies to go for fresher food rather than packaged and processed food. One of the great benefits to preparing meals, in your own kitchen benchtops in Brisbane, is you know exactly what is going into your food. You know when you purchased any fruit, vegetables or meat you are using. Plus, you know it has all been stored correctly and hygienically in your kitchen.

Even if what you are cooking requires some tinned or packaged products such as canned tomatoes or rice, you are able to read the ingredients yourself and make an informed decision about which one you will choose. It is well known that healthy home cooked meals have the potential to contain a whole lot less fat, sugar and salts at the quantity you want, than going out to dinner at a restaurant or buying takeaway.

Take Out, Take Away, Fast Food

Knowing How It Is Prepared:

If you have ever worked in a café, restaurant or eatery you would know full well that food preparation and food storage practices can fall under par at times. You may think that buying a salad from a salad bar rather than buying a burger is better for you, but it depends on how you look at it. The burger at least has been prepared fairly recently whereas the salad was probably made up of the leftovers from the day before and the new batch prepared that day. And if you think it doesn’t happen, you are wrong. When you prepare your own meal in your kitchen you have the option to ensure benches and food prep utensils are as clean as you like them to be. So it’s easy to understand then that having a fully functioning kitchen that is laid out well is important for your health. Having a nice kitchen to prepare food in is going to encourage you to spend more time there.

If you’re thinking of making a change to your kitchen for the better, then visit our kitchen showroom in Brisbane to begin the journey to your new kitchen and healthier home cooked meals.

Man has used fire for centuries to heat and cook food to eat, making it more palatable and easier to chew. From early on, cave men used fire with wood, cooking their meat out in the open. Later on, wood stoves were the chosen cooker for the pioneers in new settlements. Using large cooking pots and kettles, ready on the hob, for a quick cuppa and a hot meal. Wood fires served their purpose well and warmed the home during colder seasons before the introduction of alternative cooking fuels such as coal.

Eventually wood fires in kitchens gave way to gas cookers, saving the chore of chopping wood and starting the fire, then having to stoke it up to keep it going. Gas had the bonus of being able to better control the heat needed, switching from low to high instantly. It also eliminated the chore of having to sweep up ash from the hearth. Enameled and aluminium saucepans, plus iron pots, were in popular usage at that time. Until it was discovered that aluminium cookware needed to be treated differently to rid it of health risks. A better grade of aluminium cookware resulted that was not prone to pitting or corrosion.

Many stovetops that are part of a kitchen are now electrical even though gas is still a popular option. Although enamel, iron and aluminium cookware are still around, the majority of households have switched to stainless steel and some of the brands use almost waterless cooking methods which steams the food and locks in the flavour and nutrition. They can be used as well as iron cookware with the newer induction cooktops as they have magnetic qualities that the induction cooker needs to work. Induction cooking works through magnetic fields and heats only the vessel used to cook and the food in it. With induction cooking, all the heat generated by the magnetic field goes into the pot used then into the food. The surface does not get hot so there is no risk of being burned. Unless there is cookware present over the element it will not turn on, making it a great safety feature.

Induction cooktops can lower and raise the heat instantly. Perhaps, even more efficiently than gas, as it allows it to simmer at very low temperatures. Before deciding to buy an induction cooker, check on the type of cookware you have, and if you don’t have the right type, you will need to factor in the cost of correct cookware with the cost of your induction cooktop.

Induction Cooktops – Would They Suit Your New Kitchen?

Cooking can be either a pleasure or a chore, depending on whether you enjoy the task or just do it to produce a meal. Either way, having a cooktop that suit your needs will make everything easier and, these days, there are more options than ever with induction cooktops becoming very popular in new kitchens.

Sleek and Stylish For A Modern Look

Early models were expensive, but as the benefits of induction cooking became better known, prices fell. Current models are now accessible to a large part of the market. The sleek, clean lines of induction cooktops are ideally suited to contemporary kitchen styling but this is not the only reason why they are popular.

We find that more of our clients are choosing induction cooktops when they have their kitchen renovated by Craftbuilt Kitchens. They describe several other attributes that make induction cooking different from the familiar heating methods of normal electric or gas ranges.

Energy Efficient, Easy To Clean, and Low Risk of Burns – What’s Not To Like?

An induction cooktop is very energy efficient. A copper coil sits under the surface of the cooktop, virtually invisible. When it is turned on, low current electricity flows through the coil, generating an electromagnetic field that heats the cookware, not the cooktop. The cookware becomes the heating element, providing instantaneous, evenly spread heat.

The only heat in the cooktop is the residual heat left once the cookware has been removed. This cools quickly, reducing the risk of burns from touching the surface, a safety feature that appeals to parents with young children. This feature also allows spills to be wiped up immediately. Because the cooktop does not heat up, the spilt food does not burn, which is great for busy people who don’t want to spend time cleaning.

Induction cooktops are the most efficient option when it comes to green kitchens because it uses less energy or fuel.

Cost Could Be An Issue

The main drawback is cost. As mentioned earlier, these cooktops are more expensive than traditional models. Also, you will need cookware made of electrically conductive material such as magnetic-grade stainless steel, iron, cast iron or enamel. This is a great excuse to throw out old, stained pieces and buy a new set to suit your new kitchen.

Check The Cooking Zones and Use Some TLC

We also suggest you choose a model with clearly identified cooking zones, as these are not well defined in some. This could result in uneven cooking if one part of the pot is in the cooking zone and the other is not. The cooktops also need a little extra care as they can be damaged by high impact or by sliding pans around indiscriminately.

The features outweigh the drawbacks so we are certain we will be installing many more of these cooktops in the fantastic kitchens we design for our clients.

If you’d like to know more about induction cooktops and the cooking method itself, visit the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom. Our designers would be happy to help you!

Getting a new kitchen installed is incredibly exciting. How your kitchen looks and feels can really affect the whole feel of a home so it’s important that you are happy with yours. Our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens will expertly guide and assist you during this fun and important time to make choices you will not be disappointed with.

The cook top is one thing on which you will need to make the right decision as it’s a major feature in the kitchen. Not only do you want one that looks great, you also need one that functions well and is within your intended budget. There are basically three types of cook tops to choose from and we will discuss each in brief.

Benefits Of Cooking With Gas Cooktops

Having a new kitchen put in? If you are then you may be lucky enough to include new appliances in this overhaul, if you are, have you made the decision to use gas or electric? It is quite common now for a kitchen to be fitted with gas cooktops and ovens and very few people have bad things to say about them. If you don’t already know what some of the benefits of cooking with gas are, you better read on before you decide against it.

The first thing that gas cooking lovers will tell you is that it’s very accurate. When an electric oven is turned on or the temperature is changed, it takes time for the desired temperature to be reached. With gas, the change is exact and instant. With gas cooking you have far better control over the temperature than with electric appliances. While we are on the subject of temperature, it is well worth mentioning that gas ovens won’t heat up your kitchen like an electric oven will. This is a pretty important piece of information as too often in our warmer months, the kitchen can be an unbearable place for this reason. Whilst your gas oven is on, the top of the oven will remain cooler than that of an electric oven, this will reduce your risk of any burns.

The benefits of gas cook tops are many. Gas cook tops have long been popular with professional chefs. When it comes to cooking with gas you are able to control the heat instantly. If you turn the heat up or down then it reaches that desired setting immediately.

Gas Stove Cook Top

Any kind of cookware is able to be used on a gas cook top and as a general rule gas is cheaper than electricity. A big benefit of gas is that if the electricity goes off after a storm or for some other reason, you are still able to cook your meals.

You will notice when you visit kitchen showrooms that the elements on an electric cooktop are flat. This is because in order for the heat to be dispersed evenly the entire bottom of the pot needs to be in contact with the elements. With gas cooktops, this is not necessary as the heat is derived from the flame. The benefit here is that you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy a new flash set of pots and pans if yours are a little on the well used side. One of the last benefits we will mention here today but certainly not the last of them to be gained is the fact that you can still cook during an power outage. There will be times that power failures will occur and with an electric cooktop or stove, this will mean you are unable to prepare a meal. Cooking with gas means provided you have enough gas, you can still prepare a feast.

Electric Stovetops

While electric cook tops don’t change as quickly as gas when you alter the temperature they are very good at providing even and stable heat. If you tend to cook a lot of meals that require low heat then electric cook tops are perfect at maintaining low heat settings.

Electric cook tops are easy to clean and can be used for all cookware. Electric cook tops mean that you don’t have to have a gas line added to your home and they are cheaper than induction, so it’s great if your budget is a little tight.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cook tops are newer on the market than electric and gas and have some great benefits. Like gas, induction cooking heat can be adjusted instantly and like electric, the heat is stable and even.

Induction is perfect if you tend to be a clumsy cook or if you have small children. This is because the surface itself does not become hot unless the pan is in place. Once the pan is removed the surface quickly cools.

Another bonus of the cook top surface not heating up is that spilt food does not get baked on the surface, thus making cleaning easier and your kitchen won’t become as hot when in use. Induction cook tops are also very energy efficient.

All three styles are great; you just need to make a choice based on your budget and preference. Whether you choose gas, electric or induction, discuss with our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers and further discuss about the other benefits and the best type of cooktop for your kitchen. Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens today so we can assist you with choices and designs for your new kitchen.

Kitchens have always been at the bottom of the home renovations list for years. Outdoor patios, dining and lounge/family rooms, where guests are entertained, are usually the first areas to be considered. Now, there has been a big turnaround in recent years because of the increase in modern kitchen design companies and cooking shows on television. This has given the kitchen a brand new upmarket status. Women have also voiced out – and has been heard – as to where kitchens fall short. Companies are taking their concerns to heart and are now making their kitchen dreams a reality.

The installation of a new kitchen can make a world of difference as to how much enjoyment we get from cooking. When we have our dream design with heaps of bench space and adequate storage that is easily accessible, cooking becomes less of a chore. Having the appliances we need for specific kitchen functions makes us happier to be the head chef, especially if we have the right cookware as well. For baking cakes and biscuits, many opt for the non-stick bake ware, as it is simpler to turn out the cakes from the pan, and oiling them isn’t necessary. For roasting, many choose food grade aluminium roasting trays and trivets. Most people nowadays opt for stainless steel for their saucepans and frying pans for their kitchens in Brisbane.

Modern designs have changed the kitchen from an area unseen, by all but family, to a full on function area due to their elegant, modern open plan look. Now, guests and hosts can all see and converse together while dishes are being prepared, making it much more enjoyable for the host. Of course, with this in mind the choice of cookware becomes more important than it was previously. We wouldn’t want the wrong choice to spoil the over-all result.

Cookware comes in multiple piece sets, mostly stainless steel. Frying pans also come in non-stick Teflon, coated aluminium or heavy-duty cast iron. Of course, enamel cookware is still in use, but not chosen as frequently as it was a few years ago. Stainless steel is by far the best choice as it is non-porous and non staining. It is also easy to clean and looks great with its high sheen exterior. The choice of cookware can also depend on the type of cooktop used such as gas, electric elements or induction – where thicker heat conducting bottoms are needed.

Whatever personal choice is made, adequate storage is needed to house the cookware. It should also be easily accessible, which means there is room between items so there is no damage caused by overcrowding. A good kitchen design company will ensure this is included in the planning stages. Craftbuilt Kitchens can assist you in this aspect so you don’t have to worry about the different points to consider, on your own. Visit our Brisbane showroom now and consult with our designers.

Cooking in the kitchen when it’s cool can sometimes be a godsend. Because the weather is cool, the heat of the oven and appliances can be welcome warmth. But as the hot months are starting to roll around, you will notice more that it’s not so pleasant to be slaving over a stove.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and we, at Craftbuilt Kitchens, would like to give you some great tips on keeping the kitchen, and yourself, cool. The design of our amazing kitchens will make the task of cooking so much more enjoyable but it’s up to you to follow some simple ideas to beat the heat.

Air Conditioning

Some homes have air conditioning. Air conditioning provides a massive reprieve from the heat but can still struggle under our extreme temperature at times. If you are cooking in the kitchen with the air conditioning on, it can help a little if you keep the windows cracked open a little.

This will allow the hot air to escape and for the cooler air to fill the home more easily.

Air Conditioning To Stay Cool When Cooking In The Heat

Window Coverings

If you have windows with curtains for blinds then consider what these are. Often lace or sheer curtains are found in the kitchen; however, in order to keep out heat and harsh sun you need something heavier.

Consider blinds such as timber that are great heat insulators and can be adjusted to your needs or, choose a heavier material curtain.

Use Your Oven Less

Casseroles and roasts taste delicious but might not be the perfect meal for hot weather. Leaving your oven off will keep heat down considerably. Switch to using the hot plates to boil potatoes or eggs, for instance, and create a salad to serve with cold meats instead.

If you can’t pass up the comfort food consider a slow cooker, they give off far less heat than ovens.

Change Your Plans

While there is no doubt that our kitchens are a stunning place in which to be, there may be some days that you should give the cooking indoors a rest altogether. If you have the facilities, a BBQ outside is a great alternative. Hot months are perfect for BBQs and the only thing to prepare in your kitchen is salads.

If you really want to take a break from the heat and keep your kitchen cool, leave the house, escape to the air conditioning of a restaurant and eat out, your beautiful kitchen will still be there tomorrow.

Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens to discuss your dream kitchen, as well as how we can create a wonderful space for you to prepare meals, no matter the temperature.

If you’re building a new kitchen in your home, you will be making one of the most important decisions. Which cooktop are you going to choose? It’s an important choice to make as each option has different benefits to complement different cooking styles.

The two most common types of cooktop are gas or electric. However, a newer type on the market is the induction cooktop. Craftbuilt Kitchens can help you decide which one might be the right one for you. Here are a few key points for each type of stove-top:

Going Electric:

In some cases, electric cooktops are more energy efficient than gas. There is a good amount of heat from a gas cooktop and it vanishes into the air whilst the heat of the electric elements has uninterrupted contact with your saucepans. One thing you should know – if your electricity does not come from renewable energy then greenhouse gases will be added to the atmosphere. Electric cooktops are ideal for using low temperatures for cooking such as slow simmering. The elements come in a few different options such as ceramic radiant, halogen or semi-halogen, radiant coil, solid hotplate or the newer form, induction.

Introduction to Induction:

Unlike traditional electric cooktops that use a type of electric resistance to produce heat, induction cooking is established by using magnetic fields. This works by the coils (the ‘element’) inducing heat in the steel cookware when a magnetic field is generated, therefore making the pot the element that cooks your meal. The quickest of all cooktops to cook and heat food, induction cooktops possess the same immediate control as gas. Induction cooktops have safety benefits that gas or electric do not have. When cooking with a pot and it somehow boils dry, the cooktop will automatically cool down or turn off and if the pot’s material is incompatible with induction cooktops or there is no pot on the cooktop, the element will not heat.

Cooking with Gas:

This is the preferred form of cooking by cooks and chefs. Gas has instantaneous heat control. There is a great selection of colours, designs and finishes such as stainless steel, glass, aluminium and enamel available. It’s hard to fault gas as it is a cheaper option. In the long run, it is a more environmentally conscious choice over an electric cooktop. The enamel is easier to clean than stainless steel or glass.

Discussing your ideal kitchen design with a design consultant at Craftbuilt Kitchens will get all your questions answered. With such great options, whatever your preference, you are sure to be cooking up a storm in style and enjoying your new cooktop.

There are plenty of exciting decisions to make when it comes to your new kitchen. Our specialist team at Craftbuilt Kitchens will discuss and guide you every step of the way in making the right choices that will suit you now and for many years to come.

Thinking carefully about your choices now will mean you won’t have any regrets later. As you will spend many hours in the kitchen it is important you get it right. Choosing what you will cook with, is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.

Bills come thick and fast in the running of a household and how you cook will contribute to this. Deciding on whether to go gas or electric will influence not only your cooking style but also your bills. Let’s take a look at some considerations in order to help you feel more informed about which way to go.

What Is Available?

The first important thing to consider is what is available in your area. While all homes are connected to electricity and are able to make use of this, some home owners have the luxury to choose between the two. On the other hand some may find there has not yet been a connection for gas made to the home.

This could be a factor that will affect your decision. If there are no gas pipelines connected to your home you can certainly look into having this done if you are really keen on gas, you just then need to factor in that cost.

The Cost to You

If you decide you wish to have gas installed you will need to contact a distributor to enquire about the cost to have this done. As for costs of running in the long run, there is a long standing debate on this. The cost of gas is certainly on the rise and with new ‘smart’ technology appliances; choosing electricity is not necessarily the more expensive option anymore.

The Cost to The Environment

Where it was previously thought that gas was the best choice for the environment, the argument is different if you are running electricity off solar panels, for example. There is a research group, Beyond Zero Emissions, who are now suggesting that getting rid of gas will be a far greener option.

Making this choice will require some investigations yourself into what you think is best. Thankfully, many of the appliances produced now are done so with the environment in mind.

Talk to our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens today to learn more about your choices, as well as what we recommend.

In today’s modern and fast paced lifestyle, we are very busy and often overlook the importance of home cooked meals. But there are those who make time to attend cooking classes to make healthy home cooked meals.

What are the advantages of cooking classes?

When you learn to cook a healthy home cooked meal in your own kitchen, you will have more control over what goes into your meal. As a result, there is the opportunity to consume far less amounts of fat, salt and harmful food additives. Cooking at home not only saves your waistline, it can save your wallet, too.

Being budget conscious is important to people and eating out or buying take away food is often the more expensive option. When you prepare meals at home the ingredients you purchase at the grocery store can create more meals for approximately the same amount of money. And while you are saving money, you are creating good habits for your family. Children who see meals prepared at home have this memory of home cooking ingrained into their own family homes and they will be more likely to enjoy cooking for themselves later on in life.

Who can attend cooking classes?

There is absolutely no rule about who can attend cooking classes. Basically, if you are old enough to attend, then it’s a great idea to learn the basics of cooking in your kitchen. Men and women alike can learn to prepare simple yet delicious meals for their families at home. Cooking classes can be particularly enjoyable for couples looking to broaden their hobbies together, whilst providing great nutrition for the whole family. There are also cooking classes that are focused on kids! Helping out in the kitchen, is after all, a family affair.

When it comes to family, it can even be a great idea for any teenagers and kids in the home to also attend. They can share the load of preparing meals whilst building a very useful foundation for feeding themselves in a healthy manner when they move into their own homes in the future.

Getting the most out of your kitchen.

A fantastic time to consider taking a cooking class is when you are going to remodel your kitchen or if you are going to have a complete new kitchen installation. When you have a new kitchen installed or a simple makeover, making sure the kitchen is functional is top priority on the agenda. So while the tradies are busy fixing your cooking area, you are already preparing yourself for future cooking activities! Imagine making that roast you’ve always thought about doing in the new oven.

Cooking classes not only teach you what meals you can make, they also create the importance of organisation and time management. Putting skills such as these into practice will ensure that you are making the most use of your beautiful, functional kitchen.

Mildew and mould can be common occurrences in kitchens. This does not mean that you are not keeping your kitchen clean, of course. Kitchens, like bathrooms and laundries, are susceptible to mould and mildew; this is because of water being used in sinks and steam from cooking.

We at Craftbuilt Kitchens understand that mould and mildew can happen even to the best of us. To help with keeping your stunning new kitchen free from mildew and mould we have put together some great tips.

Keep It Dry

Keeping a kitchen dry sounds like a challenge, but it’s very important if you want it to be mould free. Don’t leave water on benches or on splashbacks, for instance. If you create spills wipe them down straight away.

When running the tap, don’t have it turned on too high. The lower the run of the water, the lesser the splash.

Tiles Are Best

Keep the carpeting and the floor mats for the lounge and bedrooms. Tiles are the best flooring to have in your kitchen. There are some who are tempted to have a mat for comfort when standing but we don’t recommend it. Mats absorb moisture and they grow bacteria. Cleaning regularly won’t prevent this.

Clean and Inspect Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets dry and clean will go a long way to prevent mould and mildew. Wiping down the inside of cupboards and avoiding cluttering of food will keep your cabinets nice and clean.

Check Your Cook Top

Plenty of moisture and even food spatters can collect behind your cook top and around the range hood. We highly recommend moving the cooking range if possible and giving the wall behind a thorough clean, ensuring you leave it dry too.

Keep Your Fridge Clean

A regular clean-out of your fridge, including wiping it down, will not only keep it clean but also running well. If you are able to clean behind the fridge on the walls, just like your cooking range, clean the flooring beneath as well.

Keep Your Walls Clean

It is no secret that walls in kitchens can get dirty, even if you can’t see it. Food and oil spatters and more can make their way to the walls easily when you are preparing meals. Wipe and dry your walls to keep the kitchen clean and fresh.

Use Your Exhaust and Windows

Having good ventilation in the kitchen means it is harder for mould and mildew to grow. Open your windows in your kitchen and when using the cook top, turn on the exhaust fan.

Contact our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens for more advice on getting an amazing kitchen from us, as well as how to take the best care of it.