Kiddies and Kitchens

Any parent with a child knows too well how often they will wander into the kitchen. This can be when mum or dad is in the kitchen cooking or it can be when no one is present and the child is looking for something to entertain him or her.

We could all agree that the kitchen is not the best place for a child to be spending time, especially alone, but it does happen. Often parents can be whirling about preparing a meal only to find a small child under foot and a tripping hazard.

With this knowledge in mind at Craftbuilt Kitchens we encourage the design of a kitchen that will allow for the safe presence of your little loved ones. After all, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home more and more these days.

Family members often congregate in the kitchen area to chat and catch up after the end of the day so it goes without saying that young ones want to be there too. The choice is yours how you want this situation to pan out.

If you like to include your children in meal preparation or simply allow them to be nearby and watch, there are things you can do to keep them safe in the kitchen area.

Getting Involved

Being involved with cooking meals is great for little ones and if you have the patience it is a great bonding experience. If this is something you would like to do, there are a few different ways your design can allow for this.

There can be part of the benchtop which is lower than the rest. Perfect for little bodies to stand at but also sit at to do homework whilst being near you. A lower drawer or cupboard can be made as ‘their’ cupboard with access to the kitchen items they are allowed to grab and use.

This gives them a sense of independence and confidence that they are able to help in the kitchen.

Being Nearby

Some parents are pushed for time or don’t have the patience for mini master chefs, and that’s okay. In this instance you can again have a lower bench top or seat where children can sit and draw while they are opposite you.


Whichever way you decide to go, safety is important too. In the design phase, plan for sharp knives and glassware storage to be out of reach and inaccessible to kids. You can discuss other options that can be incorporated with one of our professional kitchen designers.

Drawers that contain items children shouldn’t have need to be locked or child proofed and, as suggested early, consider giving them a low drawer or cupboard that they can call their very own.

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we want you to have the perfect kitchen for your family situation. Contact us today to arrange a discussion with a designer for a kitchen that keeps toddlers and kids safe and happy.

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