You’ve read the story about how a black cat came into the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom.

But in case you missed it, read the full story here: Crakit Story Part 1.

Now, back in the showroom, she has certainly cracked her way into the hearts of the Craftbuilt Kitchens staff. Her name, Crakit, fits just right. Crakit is a very sweet and affectionate little girl. Every morning, she likes a good pat and then breakfast. After eating she comes behind the reception desk for more pats and cuddles from Caroline or Belinda. She understands that it’s the humans’ job to feed her and would become quite fussy and turn her nose up if she doesn’t like the food.

Her favourite place is the black chair so as not to draw too much attention of those who visit the showroom. With her healthy black fur, she blends in well with the chair. Secretly, she looks over each kitchen display and nods her head in approval when a client chooses a design. When Belinda or Caroline is away, she takes their place on the black chair.

Find the Cat!

Crakit spends most of the day indoors and likes to share in what the ladies are having for lunch. She never forgets to put in a little bit of exercise every day. They would play “chasey” to get the ladies off their chairs. Knowing she’s a fast cat, she would run out the back and zip under the fence. In triumph, she likes to roll in the dirt to show she knows she won.

Such is the life of a Craftbuilt Kitchens cat. She would hold dominion over all of the kitchen exhibit displays and isn’t too careless when it comes to greeting the clients. She adores visitors in her kitchen kingdom. Like a princess, she comes and goes as she pleases throughout the day.

It was already too late, the humans at Craftbuilt Kitchens already love her and, sensing this, she has grown to love them too. Such is the life of a spoilt cat with daily belly rubs and treats.

When clients visit the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom, they won’t miss the fluffy Director of First Impressions, our very own Crakit the Cat. Whenever the clients’ children ask about her, this is the story we tell:

She was a young black stray with green eyes and white fluff on her chest. With head and tail low, her curiosity lead her to the showroom. She would watch through the window, her eyes fixed on the movements inside Craftbuilt. She would do this every morning like clock-work. When she felt anxious, she would rush to the bushes, keeping her distance.

She doesn’t go unnoticed. Her smooth black coat often glistening under the sun. It catches the lady humans’ attention. When a human tries to approach her for happy pets, this black cat then runs off into the bushes once again.

This happened almost every day until she realized that these ladies must be very cat-friendly. She may be tired of running off to the bushes every day, too. Still, she was careful. Now, these humans have decided to feed her from a distance. From afar, they encouraged her to come close. The black beauty cat still kept her timid charms. Over time, she tip-toes forward just enough so Sharon, the office manager, was able to feed her from a close distance. Still uncertain, she sniffs the offering. “The offer must be sufficient,” says Sharon.  The black cat slowly eats it up with her sharp eyes still watching the humans.

This lady cat was still quite unsure about the humans when they would try to get close to her. But she let them come near her after several feeding attempts. She was underweight for her size. Thinking that she might have a human of her own, these Craftbuilt Kitchen ladies placed an ad to see if someone would claim her.

A long while has passed.  “Nobody claimed her,” explained Caroline. Now, the lady-cat has already grown accustomed to the humans in her territory. So much so that she didn’t know that she was going to be part of the Craftbuilt family soon.

It was time to get her fixed. She wasn’t very amiable at first. She may have realised what was about to happen. After coordinating with the local vets, the RSPCA and the local council, this little lady was caught along with two of her kittens and her kitten-daddy. All of which were re-homed.

After being treated at the vet, she spent a week as a guest in Caroline’s home. She found this human’s home warm and soft but after a while, she yearned for the familiarity of the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom. Seeing that the humans dearly love and care for her, she has learned to trust them completely. After all, she needs to look after her territory.

Read part two of Crakit the Cat’s origin story here: Cat In The Showroom Part 2.

With so much information now regarding health and wellness being available there are more and more people striving to have their bodies functioning in peak condition. This is a good thing as it means there are many more people working towards healthy lifestyles which will benefit future generations and the health system. It also means less fatty take away meals are being consumed and there are more home cooked meals happening in households. Aside from the money saving factor there are obvious health and nutrition benefits to be gained here too.

Knowing What’s In Your Food:

There is a lot more knowledge about the adverse affects certain additives can have on our bodies, now. Particularly where preservatives are concerned, we know it is better for our bodies to go for fresher food rather than packaged and processed food. One of the great benefits to preparing meals, in your own kitchen benchtops in Brisbane, is you know exactly what is going into your food. You know when you purchased any fruit, vegetables or meat you are using. Plus, you know it has all been stored correctly and hygienically in your kitchen.

Even if what you are cooking requires some tinned or packaged products such as canned tomatoes or rice, you are able to read the ingredients yourself and make an informed decision about which one you will choose. It is well known that healthy home cooked meals have the potential to contain a whole lot less fat, sugar and salts at the quantity you want, than going out to dinner at a restaurant or buying takeaway.

Take Out, Take Away, Fast Food

Knowing How It Is Prepared:

If you have ever worked in a café, restaurant or eatery you would know full well that food preparation and food storage practices can fall under par at times. You may think that buying a salad from a salad bar rather than buying a burger is better for you, but it depends on how you look at it. The burger at least has been prepared fairly recently whereas the salad was probably made up of the leftovers from the day before and the new batch prepared that day. And if you think it doesn’t happen, you are wrong. When you prepare your own meal in your kitchen you have the option to ensure benches and food prep utensils are as clean as you like them to be. So it’s easy to understand then that having a fully functioning kitchen that is laid out well is important for your health. Having a nice kitchen to prepare food in is going to encourage you to spend more time there.

If you’re thinking of making a change to your kitchen for the better, then visit our kitchen showroom in Brisbane to begin the journey to your new kitchen and healthier home cooked meals.

After taking over the reigns from her father’s established business, Justine Glover has faced many challenges. Apart from working in a male dominated industry, growing industry competitiveness, technological change, and the impact of the Global Financial Crisis, Justine has had to also juggle life as a business woman and as a mother. Despite all the ups and downs Justine has come out smiling.

Helen Ross has a coffee with the affable Justine, and finds out why.


Craftbuilt Kitchens Brisbane is a family owned business located in Underwood, established by its founder and owner, John Clark, in 1975.

Even though Justine was always interested in working in the family business, her father would not employ her until she had been out in the real world. So after acquiring skills in a number of fields including bookkeeping, secretarial, sales and marketing, Justine finally joined the business seven years ago as a part time kitchen designer, taught and mentored by her father.

In 2006, her father decided it was time to step back in a supervisory role, and Justine stepped up to become the General Manager. But little did Justine know of the challenges she was to face.

Trials Ahead

Being the boss’s daughter, coming in to run a business with little business acumen in a male dominated industry offered its own challenges.

Justine states that when she took over the reigns, her first focus was getting sales but she soon realised she first had to learn how to operate the business, whilst gaining the respect of the employees, loyal to her father.

With that, Justine began endless hours of reading, and outsourcing the information from all over Australia. “The support and information I gained was invaluable. Gaining knowledge of what was actually happening in the industry outside Craftbuilt Kitchens helped me in the way I looked at every aspect of the business,” states Justine. In her quest to learn as much as she could Justine also began studying a building course, part time. “Once I admitted to myself that I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I had to go and learn what I didn’t know,” says Justine.

With a growing competitive market, the technological advances increasing production efficiency, and the impact of the Global Financial Crisis, Justine knew that changes had to be made. “I remember reading, ‘If you are not sprouting and growing you are slowly dying.’ Regardless of our long standing reputation, that’s potentially what would have happened to our company. We had to make changes in order to grow and retain our competitive edge. So with that, I had to change my focus and find out where the bottlenecks were,” she recalls.

However, Justine says that it took her 3½ years before she had the guts to make some ‘tough’ decisions, which included staff restructuring, acquisition of a quarter of a million dollar machine and the software to operate it. “This machine was of course a huge investment but it was necessary to increase efficiency,” states Justine.

A Woman’s Touch

Another change incorporated by Justine is that she started a female only sales and design team at the beginning, that reflected in Craftbuilt Kitchens’ new marketing strategies.

Justine states, “Women relate to women as men and women do think differently. Women want a kitchen to be functional and practical and will think about everything, from where the cutlery, egg flip and Tupperware should go; not just where the ‘boxes’ will go.” Justine believes that designing a kitchen with a female who understands is a natural progression to our changing society where a lot of women are now the decision makers.

Support All The Way

After all the ups and downs, Justine has had the support of her parents. “My dad’s people skills and the way he managed staff issues has been phenomenal. He has been a fantastic mentor, and has been very supportive,” says Justine fondly.

Despite facing her biggest challenge of working in a male dominated industry, Justine proudly states that, upon invitation, she is now part of a group called ‘MAS’ (Movers and Shakers – yes, male dominated). Justine states that it is a great group, where everyone has a chance to tap into the knowledge of others in the industry, and support each other.”

Justine proudly states that Craftbuilt Kitchens has built a good reputation, with suppliers now approaching her for her business. “We have the best customer service for kitchen renovations in Brisbane, and the best team. We are all very passionate, and all go the extra mile, right from the sales team to my team working in the factory. Every customer or potential customer is important. We have a fantastic reputation and pride ourselves in building customised kitchens to last,” says Justine passionately.

Justine states that Craftbuilt Kitchens’ underlying philosophy is guided by her father’s mantra, ‘Quality is better than quantity.’ “We have customers with tears in their eyes because they are so very happy with their kitchen and experience they have received,” Justine says appreciatively.


Helen Ross

When it comes to having a new kitchen installed or an existing one renovated, you want to have the absolute best that you can afford. As far as budgets go, cheap is nice but not if it is unpleasant in a short period of time.

This is why Craftbuilt Kitchens not only has the ability to design kitchens to suit all budgets. Their workmanship is certainly nowhere near unpleasant and everything is all about quality.

One of the first things you will look for in a kitchen design company, and one of the many things you will learn Craftbuilt Kitchens has, is a long standing good reputation for providing quality products and reliable service. Family owned and established in 1975, Craftbuilt Kitchens are well recognised for their quality craftsmanship and work on a method they call the “single tradesman construction”.

Quite simply, the same cabinetmaker/s will be responsible for the installation of your kitchen from start to finish. What does this mean for you? The kitchen that is created in your home will be a work of pride and achievement for the cabinetmaker which encourages the mentality of getting the job done right first. That’s why with Craftbuilt Kitchens, you know you can rely on the work being done as expected.

The proof is in the pudding on this method as one happy customer found out. “I would like to praise the workmanship and co operation of your installers Mark and Jack who installed our kitchen recently. They always arrived on time, were courteous and very tidy. They are an asset to your business. Pass on my thanks for a job well done. Regards, Russell Gray”

Of all the kitchen showrooms you may visit, the showroom that Craftbuilt Kitchens has to offer is sure to be a standout. It’s not just the well organised and beautifully set out displays that will grab your attention but the warm, friendly greeting you will receive and the invaluable advice you will be given from the highly experienced consultants and qualified designers.

Kevin & Christine were thrilled with their choice of Craftbuilt Kitchens, they wrote, “Dear Manager and staff at Craftbuilt kitchens, we would like to say thank you for our magnificent kitchen and professional way which you do business. From the time we walked into the showroom and spoke to Bev to the time the kitchen was complete, we dealt with caring and very professional people. We would like to thank Nigel, Mark, Jordi for installing the kitchen in a day. Thanks guys. Your trades people Rene (tiling), Daryl (electrician), Ross (Plumber) and Nic (Plasterer) Thanks. A very special thank you to Sue (you are a gem). Your design is great, and the way you do your job is outstanding. You go that extra mile and really care for your clients. Thank you!! As a company you are AAA+ and we would recommend you to anyone needing a kitchen.”

Get yourself the kitchen you deserve and contact Craftbuilt Kitchens for your renovation needs today at (07) 3341 9166.

Mildew and mould can be common occurrences in kitchens. This does not mean that you are not keeping your kitchen clean, of course. Kitchens, like bathrooms and laundries, are susceptible to mould and mildew; this is because of water being used in sinks and steam from cooking.

We at Craftbuilt Kitchens understand that mould and mildew can happen even to the best of us. To help with keeping your stunning new kitchen free from mildew and mould we have put together some great tips.

Keep It Dry

Keeping a kitchen dry sounds like a challenge, but it’s very important if you want it to be mould free. Don’t leave water on benches or on splashbacks, for instance. If you create spills wipe them down straight away.

When running the tap, don’t have it turned on too high. The lower the run of the water, the lesser the splash.

Tiles Are Best

Keep the carpeting and the floor mats for the lounge and bedrooms. Tiles are the best flooring to have in your kitchen. There are some who are tempted to have a mat for comfort when standing but we don’t recommend it. Mats absorb moisture and they grow bacteria. Cleaning regularly won’t prevent this.

Clean and Inspect Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets dry and clean will go a long way to prevent mould and mildew. Wiping down the inside of cupboards and avoiding cluttering of food will keep your cabinets nice and clean.

Check Your Cook Top

Plenty of moisture and even food spatters can collect behind your cook top and around the range hood. We highly recommend moving the cooking range if possible and giving the wall behind a thorough clean, ensuring you leave it dry too.

Keep Your Fridge Clean

A regular clean-out of your fridge, including wiping it down, will not only keep it clean but also running well. If you are able to clean behind the fridge on the walls, just like your cooking range, clean the flooring beneath as well.

Keep Your Walls Clean

It is no secret that walls in kitchens can get dirty, even if you can’t see it. Food and oil spatters and more can make their way to the walls easily when you are preparing meals. Wipe and dry your walls to keep the kitchen clean and fresh.

Use Your Exhaust and Windows

Having good ventilation in the kitchen means it is harder for mould and mildew to grow. Open your windows in your kitchen and when using the cook top, turn on the exhaust fan.

Contact our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens for more advice on getting an amazing kitchen from us, as well as how to take the best care of it.

Keeping It Clean and Clear

A kitchen makeover is a great opportunity to clear out all those unused dishes and pans as well as to integrate some of the great new options you have your eye on.

The truth is that the hardest job in the kitchen is keeping it clean and germ free.

We have put together some winning and environmentally friendly cleaning tips to help you maintain your kitchen with ease and little time.

Well, actually, just one tip! And that is that microfibre is your friend. This amazing fabric can clean anything and everything with ease. The trick is to replace them often and to use warm water.

No Scouring, No Chemical, Just Smooth Cleaning

When thinking of bench tops or cooktops, a microfibre cloth can clean all grime and soft foods with ease. If you do this straight, after food preparation and cooking, there is very little time for anything to harden and require a scourer.

When wiping down high gloss surfaces such as stainless steel, bench tops and splash backs – you only need two things. A wet microfiber cloth and a dry one. Simply wipe down your surface with the wet cloth and then let the dry cloth quickly take away any streaks that may have appeared. This avoids any chance of scratching.

If you do come across something hardened or difficult to remove, just dip your wet cloth into a little environmentally free Gumption to finish the job off.

No messy chemical need be used, which means you keep your skin looking and feeling better inside and outside.

Over 40 Years Of Kitchen Design Professional Experience

Here at Craftbuilt Kitchens we are proud to say that we are responsible for some of the most beautiful kitchen renovations.

Having been in the business for over 40 years gives us an edge when it comes to, not only offering the absolute best customer service and winning designs, but we also have a knowledge that spans the gamut of tricks and products available on the market.

We can offer the best and most modern conveniences whilst maintaining and guarding our own little secrets, gathered on this journey, to ensure you get the best kitchen makeover your money can buy.

Our 10 year written guarantee is testimony to the perfection that can be yours when installing a Craftbuilt kitchen.

If you are looking to renovate your tired old kitchen or to install a new kitchen, why not visit our showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood.

We also have a great picture gallery for you to stroll through on Craftbuilt Kitchens.

If you need more kitchen maintenance advice, visit Craftbuilt Kitchens or call (07) 3341 9166 for more tips.


Are your kitchen drawers falling apart? Are the bench tops chipped, cracked or swelling? Does your sink leak into the cupboard below? Maybe you are a tall cook and the kitchen was designed for a person with an average height?

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen but can’t afford it right now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then hang on to your hat because we have a solution that will have you singing from your bench tops.

We understand and feel your pain here at Craftbuilt Kitchens. That is why we have come up with this time saving solution.

Why not take advantage of our brilliant interest free offer?

interest free offer

It’s as simple as jumping online at Craftbuilt Kitchens and completing the online application. You will get a notification within minutes of hitting the submit button. Then all you need to do is visit our stunning kitchen showrooms to design your dream kitchen.

Design, Construct, Install

Are you ready? Once you visit our showroom, the first step of the process will be to take stock of the space you have available to create your perfect cooking experience.

We are not being sexist at all but it is a fact that the majority of home cooks are women. With this in mind all our designers are women. We feel they understand the requirements of home cooks a little bit better.

The challenges of whipping up nutritious meals for a diverse family whilst helping junior with the homework, sorting washing, and getting the children washed and cleaned can be complicated and time consuming.

You want your kitchen to be as user friendly as possible to maintain the flow of food preparation.

Once you have met with one of our designers, created your dream kitchen and seen it in 3D with the use of our special software, it is time to proceed with the actual construction.

This is where the men take over. Only one of our experienced and qualified cabinet makers will work on your kitchen.

This single tradesman construction method is designed to offer the members of our esteemed crew a feeling of accomplishment, ownership, and pride. It gives you peace of mind as well knowing that one person has crafted your whole kitchen.

The final phase of this process is the installation. As we have a local factory, we are able to install your new kitchen cabinets and bench tops (excluding stone) in one day.

Then it’s just a case of organising the finishing touches such as tiling and plasterwork and voilà! A dream kitchen becomes reality.

When you’re ready, complete the online application and when you get approved within minutes, call our showroom at (07) 3341 9166 or vist us at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119. See you there!

When you choose to have your kitchen remodelled or renovated, you need to know that the money you allotted is well spent. Expecting your kitchen to last for many years and keep its good looks is a reasonable expectation, provided you choose the right company to do the work for you.

It can be easy enough to be dazzled by a company whose kitchens look good on the surface and cost you far less than the average kitchen. However, sometimes you get what you pay for, particularly if the company in mind does not have years of extensive experience and a proven track record.

Company Built On Trust

One of the first things you will notice about Craftbuilt Kitchens is the warm, friendly atmosphere. This family owned business has strong ethics and a loyal team that has worked together for many years.

When a company has operated with the same team for over 40 years, you know there is a great level of respect fostered between management and staff and that this will be extended to their clients.

You can trust that all dealings with you will be honest and up front. Which also means there will be no hidden costs in your contract with all fees and charges discussed up front. All questions will be answered to help you understand the process in full and no corners will be cut during installation. From beginning to end you can trust that the very best will happen.

Knowledge You Can Count On

The welcoming and highly experienced kitchen designers at Craftbuilt Kitchens have many years of providing their clients with kitchens they have dreamt about. After listening to the clients’ specific wants and needs, they create a design that teams practicality and functionality with the vision of the client.

Longevity Leads to Quality

The only way to stay in business for a long time is to provide the best kitchens with the best service possible, and Craftbuilt Kitchens has done just that since 1975. A countless number of happy clients can’t be wrong.

Thanks to the expertise of the showroom hostesses and designers, the beautiful designs and the high quality products, Craftbuilt is proud and pleased to have serviced Brisbane and its surrounding residents for over 40 years.

From durable kitchen benchtops to strong, sturdy cupboards, every inch of your kitchen from Craftbuilt Kitchens is built to last and look good for many years. If you would like to learn more about Craftbuilt Kitchens and view some of their amazing kitchen designs, visit them at the showroom today!

If you have decided that your home could do with a lift then you may be among the many who knows that the best place to start is the kitchen. Having a kitchen renovation done in your home can really change the overall look and feel of a home. It is considerably one of the places in the house that most time is spent in. In addition, having a functional kitchen that looks good too is vitally important.

Thanks to Craftbuilt Kitchens, the task of kitchen renovations is relatively hassle free. Having successfully manufactured countless beautiful kitchens since 1975, Craftbuilt certainly knows how to impress and are most definitely here to stay. With over 40 years of experience, you know you can trust their workmanship. One of the first things you will notice about Craftbuilt is the incredibly welcoming showroom staff and their ability to make you feel at ease. The consultants will show you all kinds of samples, the different displays available on site and you can hear about a wide range of ideas, some you may not have even thought of.

Signing on with Craftbuilt means more than just having a well crafted kitchen that is built to last. It means the prices you are given are genuine and up front, with no hidden costs. Plus, you can view your Craftbuilt Kitchen in 3D design graphic software – a technology made available to you before the actual building even starts. It means that you are supporting an Australian grown and owned company and it means that you will be enjoying your new kitchen the same day installation begins.

The countless customers, who have entrusted their new kitchens to Craftbuilt Kitchens before you, know that Craftbuilt is an honourable, reliable company. Their kitchens come with a 10 year guarantee and insurance to cover the total contract value. The tradesmen that they use are fully licensed and take immense pride in their work, always ensuring their work is of a high standard and always behaving in the same professional and courteous manner you would have come to expect from the team at Craftbuilt.

Whether your budget has a fair amount of room to move or is a little on the tight side, you are sure to find the perfect kitchen for you at Craftbuilt Kitchens. Adhering to a tighter budget doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on quality and their highly qualified and experienced designers can work with you to create your very own dream kitchen no matter your limitations.

Visit Craftbuilt Kitchens in Underwood and start planning for your new kitchen today!