Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to kitchen lighting, homeowners are looking for the best lighting tips for modern kitchen designs.

When our clients come in and discuss the various artificial and lighting options available to them, we present them with the following key lighting types in mind:

Task Lighting –

Where there is a given space for a certain task, such as a study area, computer work assignments and such, not forgetting the food preparation zones, a brighter light is required. Task lighting sheds brightness on a smaller area in the room. Recessed or downlights, pendant lighting and portable lamps are often used for task lighting in any modern family kitchen.

Accent Lighting –

Homeowners would often want to give focus to a specific part of the kitchen. Accent lighting is used to achieve that desired effect. Many prefer this type of lighting to make the room look bigger or to highlight a feature of the space such as the shelves, a large décor like a sculpture, etc.

Ambient Lighting –

Not to be confused with accent lighting, ambient lighting provides general lighting. It offers a comfortable level of brightness. Its main purpose is to light up the room so that residents and guests in your modern kitchen are able to move around safely. Ambient lighting includes chandeliers, ceiling-mounted lights, floor lamps and many more.

There are other types of lighting that homeowners may want to consider.

  • Decorative LightingYou can accessorise your house with decorative lighting to bring out its best features. It can also serve the same purpose as task lighting, ambient lighting or accent lighting.
  • Natural LightHomeowners are going for energy-efficient and cost-efficient ways to improve their living space. There is no need to use light decorations and fixtures when using natural light. Depending on your budget, you can accommodate natural light into your kitchen by using light coloured paint on walls, wider windows and glass splashbacks.

Are you looking to add specific lighting to your kitchen renovation? Call Craftbuilt Kitchens at (07) 3847 4962 and set a 3D appointment with our kitchen designers so you can see for yourself what your dream kitchen looks like virtually.

Soft Hamptons Carindale
Kitchen Modern Clean Lines with Black Accents

Modern kitchen designs now allow for a seamless and clean look. Keeping in mind the aesthetics and function of the kitchen, have you ever considered which dishwasher style is right for you?

There are different types of dishwashers on the market to suit every lifestyle with various degrees of installation and portability. But there are two popular styles that consumers choose from. 

Freestanding Dishwasher vs Built-In or Integrated

Freestanding dishwashers are the most common type. It can be slotted in an empty space in your kitchen. It has become quite popular and is often portable as it is not built in to your kitchen. However, as much as there is a variety of colour options available, it often does not suit the style of or does not blend in your kitchen. This dishwasher’s door is visible versus an integrated model.

Modern Kitchens Use Built-In Dishwashers

Integrated or Built-In Dishwashers are a popular kitchen appliance with Craftbuilt Kitchens clients. They’ve been a great addition to their modern kitchens in order to provide a seamless look. They are perfectly designed to be kept out of sight. We have professional and expert tradies who fit these into kitchens to give you that uniform look. 

Fully integrated dishwashers are completely hidden behind a kitchen cabinet door or existing cupboard cavities. Take a step back and one won’t even notice it is installed because of the streamlined look. This type of dishwasher style aims to remove difficult appliances that get in the way – especially if you’re going for that minimalistic look

Installing a built-in dishwasher is a wonderful idea. It is a time-saver and an effective kitchen appliance that helps sanitize dishes and reduces the spread of bacteria and germs. 

Which Dishwasher Style Is Right for You

Our Craftbuilt kitchen designers and professionals can help you choose which built-in dishwasher brand is the best for you. We personally sit down with our clients to discuss energy and water consumption, accessibility, installation process and more. We recommend appliances that feature top Star ratings which is paramount. You can help reduce the impact on the environment this way, as well as save on bills. We want you to have the highest quality standard of care and workmanship that can function for many years. 

Speak to our knowledgeable customer service consultants about the unique features in dishwashers and other kitchen appliances before you purchase elsewhere. They will help you figure out which appliances are the right ones for your needs and budget based on performance and style. Visit our Modern Kitchen Showroom at Stones Corner Design Studio today!

Kitchen Modern Clean Lines with Black Accents

There are so many opportunities to incorporate great design and functionality features into the kitchen. Small changes can transform the kitchen into a luxurious space. Our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers suggest a few small changes to your kitchen renovation that can create a big impact.

Hidden Power Sockets

Hide your appliances and power sockets. We have clients who opt to hide the sockets and situate these near the appliances they keep hidden. You can use the side of the bench and in the pantry where you hide most of your small appliances, too.

Integrated Bin

Hide the rubbish. No one likes to see or smell them in the home. Installing bins into a cupboard hides the waste, leaving the area clutter-free.

Euro Cargo Bin

Kitchen Utensil Trays

If you want to go for a minimalist look, cutlery and kitchen utensils inserts are helpful storage solutions. There’s no need to display kitchen articles. There is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Butler’s Pantry

Messy prep and dirty dishes can now be tucked away in the butler’s pantry leaving the main kitchen a beautiful space for entertaining.

Kitchen Modern Clean Lines with Black Accents

Visit our Stones Corner kitchen studio and sit down with our kitchen designers and avail of our interest free kitchen renovation finance. Take advantage of amazing kitchen appliance discounts.

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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

This is often a dilemma for homeowners. Being in the business for over 45 years, Craftbuilt has a few tips on how we can maximise kitchen space and make it appear larger and spacious.

When it comes to kitchen designs for small areas, here are a few options to consider:

1. Make your room appear more spacious by painting your walls white

2. Use smart storage spaces. We have user-friendly corner unit storage solutions such as the LeMans corner unit. With this accessory, you can access awkward spaces with ease. The LeMans is complete with trays that move independently. The shelves are height adjustable and have a self-close SoftStop mechanism. With its swinging curves, it provides a fluid and harmonious action which requires minimal force on opening and enables each shelf to fully extend outside of the cabinet. The perfect solution for those hard to reach places.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

3. Utilise the work triangle. This is the distance between three critical work stations in the kitchen. The first is the dry storage and refrigeration area, the second is the cooking area, and the third is the sink, which sits between these two locations.

4. Using an island benchtop is a great alternative, too. By making the bench top wider on one side, you can place seats underneath. 

These kitchen design alternatives are quite popular in small to medium units. Visit our Stones Corner kitchen studio today and get started in planning your dream kitchen. Sit down with our kitchen designers and ask about our interest free kitchen renovation finance.

Timber Kitchen Benchtops and Laminate Countertops
Stylish Black Bathroom Coomera, Brisbane QLD Bathroom Renovation

Dark and moody isn’t always gloomy. Such colours can be quite dramatic and can show the home owner’s personality. According to Houzz and colour experts, deeper moodier colors like navy, black and forest green are expected to be more favorable for 2019. Experts suspect it may be a reaction to all the whites and bright colors people have been leaning toward for years.

Emerald and deep teal are making a comeback as well. It’s catching on especially in kitchen islands or benchtops.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen with dark or deep colours but are not sure which shade to choose from? Aside from black, here are a few suggestions from our kitchen renovation experts that can feature high-fashion and sleek profiles, plus it showcases your personality and mood.

Muarrie Kitchen Renovation

Here are a few Moody Colours to choose from:

  1. Navy – This classic colour never fails. It complements very well with white and balances masculine and feminine appeal. Compared to black, it doesn’t feel as “too dark” or depressing as some may think. Navy shows your sophisticated side.
  2. Charcoal to Warm Grey Shades – These shades can make the kitchen feel cosy and can help make your modern space inviting to guests. It can help lift colours such as yellow.
  3. Cool Grey Shades – Working with slightly blue and green undertones can offer a sense of cleanness. It makes the space feel more open.
  4. Chocolate – Because who doesn’t love chocolate? The colour is perfect for both modern and traditional spaces and it carries a sense of warmth throughout the area. It also helps tone down shades like orange.
  5. Burgundy – This colour has red undertones and can be easily paired with white, brown, wood and even golden metallics. It offers a lavish vibe.

Stylish Black Bathroom Coomera, Brisbane QLD Bathroom Renovation

You definitely can go dramatic with the different shades and colours. Depending on the colour you choose, it can evoke calm, lush, clean and rich feelings. There are more deep, dark and moody colours to choose from and our Craftbuilt experts can help you design your dream kitchen.

Craftbuilt Kitchens has fully qualified and experienced designers who will tailor the design to your specific needs and wants. Call us at (07) 3341 9166 and ask our consultant to book you a design appointment  at our Stones Corner studio.

Pantone Living Coral Kitchen

After Pantone made the announcement that Living Coral was 2019’s colour of the year, a lot of designers weighed in on the vibrant colour. It is described by Sonia Simpfendorfer, creative director at Australian colour consultancy Nexus Designs, as a potential popular colour because the pink spectrum has been popular and is known to bring loveliness and calmness to interiors.

Living Coral definitely has a warm energy to it and has a playful edge. Irina Krasheninnikova, an interior designer and Houzz contributor based in Russia, says the perfect combinations are “coral and grey-brown; coral and juicy green; coral and honey.” While Sonia feels that it is a “natural fit with fresh white, soft greys and a small amount of black, along with lighter [timbers], but it is particularly interesting when paired with pale blues and dirty purples, too”. Italian interior designer Lia Lovisolo states that coral can be beautifully paired with choices from the green spectrum such as coral and turquoise. In addition, it’s perfect with light woods.

Pantone Living Coral Kitchen

Image from

In the article from Houzz, Pantone suggests that coral is a nurturing shade that bridges the natural & digital worlds and “symbolises our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, Living Coral can definitely make a statement and fits some of the natural schemes in any space. Imagine the color as a base for your splashback or hues for your cabinet and other storage areas. 

Living Coral is indeed a cheerful colour. It adds instant glamour and freshens traditional spaces. It is perfect when paired with neutrals and brightens up darker hues. Imagine entertaining guests and socialising over your amazing homemade spread for dinner in a vibrant setting.  It warms up modern spaces and gives off a fun aura. 

Our Craftbuilt designers can help you achieve the modern kitchen you want with coral as an accent, base, over-all theme or design. With over 40 years experience, you can rest assured that your kitchen renovation is in good hands with Craftbuilt.

If you’re looking to accomplish your own dream bathroom or kitchen project using coral, our designers at 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner are happy to help you. 

Energy Efficient Natural Light in Your Modern Kitchen

There’s a trend that’s coming back and it’s very handy for those long summer days and for people who love to have guests over. When it comes to kitchens, according to Houzz’s kitchen trend for 2019, homeowners are embracing the outdoors!

With the use of exterior double doors the feature appears to widen and maximise the living space as well as blurs the line between the inside and the outside.

Cooking and preparing in the kitchen these days involves a lot of socialising. Whether you’re having friends over or talking with family members, many are attracted to the sights and sound of what’s cooking in the kitchen. However, some kitchens aren’t mingle-friendly. It can even be difficult to move about or to have more than one people over during prep time.

Since it’s summer, it can be quite warm inside while cooking. A great way to remove this discomfort is by opening your kitchen to the different areas of your home or to the outdoors. A little bit of outdoor entertainment using glass doors or pass through-windows can do wonders. A wider living space can make a huge difference. Plus, it also saves on lighting.

Kitchens That Open to the Outdoors

There are many ways to make your kitchen open to the outdoors. Here are a few tips from our own Craftbuilt Kitchens designers:

  1. Sliding glass doors – These don’t take up a lot of space and maximises the living area.
  2. Classic french doors – These are great when opening to the garden or the balcony.
  3. Pass through windows – Using this feature allows you to let in the sun and cool breeze.

These are but a few of the suggestions our kitchen designers can offer when it comes to maximising your kitchen space. Do you wish to have a kitchen design for small areas? Consult with our Craftbuilt specialists today. Visit our New Modern Kitchen Showroom at Stones Corner today and avail of amazing kitchen appliance discounts!